Tinder reveals most desirable professions

Still single? Maybe your job isn’t desirable enough. Tinder, and its holding company, Match Group, have released the most desirable job titles. These are the jobs that get the most right swipes and thus are seen as more attractive. Model made the list for both males and females, but can you guess the top spots for each?

Most right-swiped job for women: housewife, teacher, physical therapist, entrepreneur, PR/communications?

most right swiped jobs for women on Tinder

If you guessed physical therapist, then you are on the money.

Most right-swiped job for men: entrepreneur, firefighter, doctor, engineer, pilot?

Apparently people are really into male pilots.

Here is the full list of the most right-swiped jobs on Tinder

tinder most right swiped jobs

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The most desirable professions for both men and women: teacher, model, college student and personal trainer are on both lists.

Women doctors didn’t make the list but these medical professions did: physical therapist, dental hygienist, nurse, pharamacist and speech language pathologist (speech therapist).

Did you know that Match Group not only owns Tinder, but also Match and OKcupid?

Both sexes find founders/entrepreneurs desirable. Men at number 2 and women at number 3.

College students are sexy but that is only because most Tinder users are at college. 6 for women and 10 for men.

Apparently people like women who are social media managers. When I was at university this position wasn’t even a thing yet. To give you an idea, I signed up for this new thing called Facebook after I had done my degree.

People like guys who are Radio/TV personalities. Unlike all of the other professions, this is probably the least unattainable and most rare.

If you happen to have chosen one of the desirable jobs as a career and haven’t found a significant other, then consider signing up for Tinder with this handy guide. Nervous to make the first move? Check out this guide to the best Tinder pick up lines that actually work. Always be careful when it comes to online dating. Here are 5 tips to stay safe when dating online.  Not interested in dating, but need a BFF? Try this Tinder like app, VINA, to find a best friend.

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