Tinder is rolling out ID verification FINALLY

I haven’t dipped my toes onto a dating app in a long while, but I still remember some of my own personal horror stories from using apps like Tinder. I hear so many from friends, even now. These apps have become the go to, especially during lock down where meeting people in real life was all but impossible. However, they’re still scary. Security and safety is really the biggest issue and catfishing. There are a lot of concerns for a single lady joining an app like Tinder.

Rolling out ID verification

I first spoke about this on Tek Tok on StarFM last week but it seems important to remind you of it here. Tinder is now planning to roll out ID verification world wide. So what does this mean?

Tinder ID Verification

tinder id verification

  • The popular hookup app rolled out a trial of this new verification in Japan
  • The verification will, for the most part, be voluntary.
  • Users wanting to be verified will be asked to send a picture of a driver’s licence, passport or health identification card. Once documentation is uploaded, your identity is verified.
  • The documents required and process will likely be different depending on which country you’re in. Each country’s privacy and data collection laws will need to be adhered to so it will be a big job for the app.
  • Tinder is reportedly planning to roll out verification this year but there is no defined date as yet.

Will it help?

There have been a lot of online reports around data safety and concerns like that, but if I’m honest, I think any sort of verification will be good regardless. Safety and security on these dating apps is so important and I think this is a good thing… and very much needed. What do you think? If you’re on the app will you verify your identity when the time comes? 


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