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How to activate Vox Gaming Quality of Service (QoS)

Be gone Lag!


Vox Gaming has a special service just for gamers called Quality of Service (QoS). The short version? Your fibre to the home line will be optimised for gaming, meaning you’ll have a gaming optimised experience that will assist in minimising jitter and eliminating latency spikes. Also, when your significant other starts binging Instagram Stories, it won’t impact your gaming at all.

Here’s how it works:

Vox Gaming QoS how to

The QoS is available to Vox FTTH customers who are using the Vox supplied MikroTik router. If you’d like to add the service to your profile I thought I’d do a quick how to on how to activate it (as I’ve just activated it myself).

Step 1

Head on over to vox.co.za and click Vox Gaming at the top of your browser. 

Vox Gaming QoS how to

Step 2:

When you get to the Vox Gaming page scroll down and you’ll see a little blurb about the Gaming Essentials – QoS offering. Be sure to click the Enquire Now button. 

Vox Gaming QoS how to

Vox Gaming QoS how to

Step 3

You’ll be redirected to an online contact form. Fill in your information and be sure to have your Vox account number on hand and then click submit. 

Vox Gaming QoS how to

Within a few hours one of the Vox team will give you a call to walk you through the service, give you some more information and then implement the order. Once the order is accepted the technical team will give you a ring to get some of the technical information regarding your gaming machines and then they can implement QoS on your line.

Easy as that. Happy Gaming! 

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