paperkutz song panel

Tech clever Valentine’s Day present for under R200

A special Spotify gift from Paperkutz

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’re looking for a special gift then look no further than this nifty gift from South African small business Paperkutz.

For most of us, the Pandemic and subsequent lock down has tightened the belt around our purses. If you’re looking for ways to cut down your spending but still want to do something special for your significant other on February 14th then I’ve found the answer. This popped up on my timeline a few weeks ago and I think it is the perfect sentimental Valentine’s Day gift that won’t break the bank.

paperkutz song panel

This little song panel allows you to share a special song and memory of a loved one. The panel itself is engraved on veneered wood and you can then personalise it with your special photo and song. The panel itself works with the Spotify app on your phone and is engraved with a scannable QR code which you can use in the app. Customisation is easy on the website – you just upload your chosen photo and list the song before hitting submit. Here’s how the song panel works:

The song panel costs R180 (not including shipping). So in total you probably won’t be spending more than R300 on this very special and very personal gift. I think it is an ideal Valentine’s Day spoil without breaking the bank, stressing about flowers being delivered on time and ensuring your loved one receives something unique. I also think these would make great gifts outside of Valentine’s Day as well so wanted to share.
Paperkutz is a small local retailer which makes a host of special unique gifts that are affordable and fun. To buy the song panel you can click here

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