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Rad Overwatch merch you need to get

If you haven’t figured it out yet I’ve been on a bit of an Overwatch overkill at the moment. With Overwatch League Season 1 finals going down over the weekend and Overwatch Contenders Europe Season 2 group stages wrapping up today and tomorrow it makes sense. I’ve been in Europe hosting Contenders but get to fly home for a short break on Wednesday night. After every season the bug bites and I want to drop money on Overwatch merch. However, if you’re based in Africa you know how tough it is to get anything shipped to our continent. I’ve used Aramex in the past but to be honest, sometimes its just nice to know you can grab something locally without stressing about Euros, Dollars, customs and all the things.

There is a host of new Overwatch merch now available and much of these items can be purchased in South Africa.

Take a look at these goodies and let me know in the comments which is your favourite?

Razer D.Va mouse and mouse mat

razer dva mouse

Less writing more talking. I’ve done a YouTube video about these babies in the past:

I travelled with my set and it is currently with me in the Ukraine. I love the colouring and the design of both peripherals. If you’re an Overwatch fan and a D.Va main you’ll want this but even if Overwatch isn’t your jam you’ll be all over this. Razer does have these products in South Africa so you can get them easily. I’ve also seen them here in Europe so you should be able to get your hands on them rather easily.

Overwatch clothing

overwatch hoodie

The Blizzard Europe shop recently started stocking Overwatch League team jerseys but they still don’t ship to South Africa. However, if you’re happy to settle for rad Overwatch Ts that aren’t team specific, then I’ve found a solution. Dark Carnival has an entire Overwatch section now which includes snapbacks, t-shirts, keyrings, wallets, belts and even socks! They’re also well priced and, having been a supporter of Dark Carnival before, I can confirm the customer service is great. So check them out if you need to wear your love your chest (or feet, no judgies).

Overwatch Nerf Guns… WHAT?!

overwatch nerf gun

I love Nerf Guns. I remember at rehearsals for Telkom DGL Masters 2016 running around randomly shooting people with my nerf gun collection. In May this year it was announced the Overwatch was partnering up this Hasbro to bring us Overwatch hero weapons but in real life. Cue some unnecessary screaming from me. The first nerf gun was revealed at Comic Con recently and is a replica of Reaper’s Hellfire shotguns. All the Overwatch Nerf guns will come with funky rounds bearing the game’s logo and be in a specific colour. These are only going to available next year but Hasbro is really good at getting these to SA so we should have them shortly after launch. Woohoo!

Overwatch Funko POPS

overwatch funko pop

No secrets here, I’m a Funko POP fan. There has been a selection of Overwatch Funkos for some time now but not all the heroes were included. For some of us (me) we want our main! In August a stack of new Overwatch pops are being released including Orisa. YES! Orisa is my favourite Overwatch hero and this one will also be super sized! Yay! While I don’t think Wrecking Ball will launch in August I plan to get my hands on him too when he is available. There are a stack of Funko POPs available at various local comic book stores. However, I can suggest two options if you want a reliable store to get your hands on POPs. I’ve used Sourcepop before and they’re fabulous. Their customer service is a cut above most. However, Constantine104 has also suggested trying Critters and Comics. She says they sell full sets, a large range of POPs AND will source ones for you if you’re looking for a specific Funko POP (like Orisa). So try them both out!

Know where else we can get our hands on Overwatch merch? Let me know in the comments below! 


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