overwatch contenders season 2

Back in Europe for Overwatch Contenders Season 2!

By the time you read this I’ll be in the Ukraine prepping to go live for Overwatch Contenders Europe Season 2. Our first broadcast is this evening. I’m back in Europe and will be here for the next month. My flight home is 1 August, so I’ll only be missing out on the month of July. Bonus: it is summer in Europe so I get slightly better weather.

overwatch contenders season 2

I know I kept this relatively quiet. I was pretty devastated when I found out I’d be flying out on the Friday of RUSH. It is only the second local CSGO LAN comp I’m missing (working at or as fan) in three years. The last one was also hosted while I was overseas. While I love the Overwatch community and their incredible support – South African CS is my first bae and I was sad that I wouldn’t be there. I’m also a huge advocate for RUSH and what they’re doing for local esports, so not being able to be in the thick of the action got me a little down. I actually popped in at the venue on Thursday last week just to get my fix:

Despite all of that I suppose I was also quiet because I was just busy trying to get all my stuff sorted. Leaving home for a month and taking my show on the road ain’t all that easy. There’s lots of adult admin that has to happen and get put in to place. Did you know you now have to fill in a ridiculous SARS document if you take any tech out the country, else you get fined when you return? This is an actual thing. Do you know how much tech I take with me for streaming and the like? What a headache. Anyway, I digress. I love my job and I love the work I get to do on Contenders but it is still tough being away from home so I was dealing with getting all my ducks in a row so to speak.

overwatch contenders season 2

However, don’t despair. I’ll still be keeping the blog going despite being in another country. I’ll also be doing some fun stuff on YouTube to give you a little taste of the Ukraine while I’m here. We film at the Starladder studios in the Ukraine and now that the weather is a bit better I plan to use my free time to explore a bit more! I’ll share those adventures with you. I’ll be taking my Omen by HP along for the journey which means I’ll still be able to stream. Though I’m going to adjust the schedule a little bit. Contenders’ broadcasts will happen every Monday and Tuesday night (I’ll host them on my Twitch channel so if you’re following me there you’ll see the action). So I’ll adjust and be streaming every Thursday and Friday. The dual streams will still go down at lunch time but I’ll likely throw some evening streams on Twitch into the mix as well. I’ll keep you updated where I can 🙂

overwatch contenders season 2

Basically, nothing changes. I’ll just be far away for a bit. Be sure to watch the first broadcast tonight and let me know what you think? We have some sneaky surprises up our sleeves for broadcast and I think the teams are going to put on one hell of a show. So I really do hope you enjoy 🙂 

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