What a whole bunch of covfefe

Can you believe it is already June? This means I am closer to reaching my mid 30’s and getting to that age where people wan’t to know why I’m not married or don’t have kids. You know the whole you’re biological clock is ticking thing. Well to that I say, I just became the proud parent of a chinchilla so who’s winning at adulting now?

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2017 has been quite a year so far. A year that involves Trump being the leader of the free world (what a covfefe), one where fidget spinner porn exists (I know right?!?) and where people use their phone in the bathroom (gross right? Don’t lie, we all do it). Luckily we still have Gordon Ramsay to keep us on the straight and narrow. He calls it like he sees it and has mastered the art of the insult, making him a personal hero.

Gordon Ramsay critiques Stephen Colbert’s PB&J

I love Gordon Ramsay. From Hotel Hell to Hell’s Kitchen to Masterchef Junior, he knows how to entertain and is known for his temper. It’s an actual thing to send a pic of your food for Gordon to rate on Twitter.

So when Chef Ramsey appeared on The Tonight Show, Colbert got him to rate his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Do you use your phone in the bathroom?

A recent study shows where South African use the internet. Apparently 13% of South Africans access the internet on their phones in the bathroom and only 5% while driving. In other unrelated news 65% of all people who take surveys lie. One of these stats is complete BS.

Fidget spinner porn is a thing

Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, and by the world I’m including porn.  Pornhub has reported over 2.5m searches for the device. And while you may be wondering what exactly that entails, most of the videos are just videos of fidget spinners with NSFW titles.

fidget spinner
You spin me right round, baby right round

[Tweet “Just when you thought the internet couldn’t any more weird – fidget spinner porn is a thing #BytesizesZA”]

Trump made a typo and the web lost its mind

Trump tweeted (then later deleted) this:

donald trump covfefe tweet

And it wasn’t long before Urban Dictionary posted this definition:


covfefe press chrome extensionAnd if covfefe is still cracking you up, then add this Chrome extension that changes the word coffee to covfefe. Because why the hell not?


Oh by the way, Trump then tweeted this which is the equivalent of someone saying I meant to do that.

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