Fidget spinners 101

You’re probably seeing them everywhere and like me wondering WTF a fidget spinner is, and what the big deal is. Well I’m here to tell you. Think of this as Fidget Spinners 101.

What is a fidget spinner

A fidget spinner is a stress relieving toy that has taken the world by storm. It first gained popularity among school kids and now adults are catching on.

People are going crazy for fidget spinners

SNL even created a Cartier style fidget spinner ad


And if your hands need a break, there’s a stand for that

fidget spinners holder stand

Of course there is an app for that

While the main point of a fidget spinner is that it is tactile, there is of course an app for that. The fidget spinner app is more a game than a stress reliever. Download it for Android here or iOS here. 

fidget spinner app

History is just repeating itself

This is what a fidget spinner looked like back in my day. And the teachers were never impressed.

fidget spinner 80's edition

And with a new trend comes a new way to discipline kids

Fidget spinners are cool

And if you’re still confused, you’re not alone

Watch as adults react to fidget spinners.

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