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Ah summer in South Africa. The smell of the sea (or chlorine if you’re land locked) and the sound of cheesy Christmas carols. It is the most epic time of the year and filled with fun and play time.

lg v20

Play time is synonymous with the LG V20 smartphone. It is designed for someone who wants to go on adventures and document the experience. You’ll remember I reviewed the phone last week. Well, this week I’m giving one away!

lg v20

To get your holiday season off to an epic start you could win a brand new LG V20 smartphone simply by commenting on this post and telling me about your most epic summer adventure. So write your comment and, for a bonus entry, send out a tweet. Easy enough right?

Good luck! 

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Photos courtesy of Megan Perks

  1. My adventurous summer is always about taking a trip down to Rustenburg from Johannesburg to see my family and great-grandma ?? for the holidays before I kick start my year

  2. My adventurous summer was a holiday with my best friend about ten years ago in Umhlanga. It was before life got too serious with kids, career and marriage. The freedom and carefreeness of it all was the best! And the bikini bodies we had in our twenties……

  3. Our most epic summer adventure was when we went on a cruise for my 40th birthday. Unfortunately we had bad weather so we couldn’t get onto the island but it was such fun and I would love to go again.

  4. Most epic Adventure when went to Kruger National Park. Hiking guide taking us out into the wild and showing us how how the animals interact with each other we lucky enough to see some rhinos during the hike.

  5. My summer of 2015 was epic. It was time spent with my family in Durban. What makes it epic is the special memories, lots of eating and giggles and a gooood dose of family before I head back to Johannesburg. We make time to reconnect and bond, wouldnt trade it for anything…

  6. My epic summer is all about being surrounded by good company. I absolutely adore just lazying about, around the pool, taking watermelon selfies with my goofy sister and soaking up life.

  7. My summer adventure is only just beginning! My husband has taken to surfing and we’re going to make it our mission to pack delicious summer foods, grab plenty of sunblock, and travel around as much of Cape Town as we can to surf the best spots. Basically, we want an adventure instead of just sitting around! And we’re going to make it happen. To the beach!

  8. I had an unforgettable EPIC summer adventure when my brother and I went on holiday to my Aunt’s house on a Grabouw Farm. We caught fish and swam in the Farm Dam. Ate fruits straight off the trees. We made slingshots and used rotten potatoes as our ammunition and went guinea fowl hunting in the forest. On Christmas Eve, as everyone was heading to the barn for the big party, my brother and I stole Santa’s Slay (actually a farm tractor ?) and went on a joyride shouting “Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas”. Best Summer Holiday Ever. Wished I had an LG V20 back then to have captured it all on.

  9. After Christmas last year my wife & I went down to Cape Town for a friends wedding. After one night in the Mother City for the stag & hens parties we headed out to Hermanus to visit my brother-in-law, his wife & our nephew & spent an amazing evening with them. The next morning we took a speed boat across the lagoon to the river mouth where we spent the morning sunning ourselves on the beach. We then drove to Stellenbosch for the wedding in the afternoon / evening. We spent the next two nights – including New Years Eve – at Zewenwacht Wine Estate partying with our friends & the rest of the wedding guests. The majority of the guests live & work in Dubai so just about everything was on the house!

  10. My epic summer adventure was spending a whole month in Portugal during the peak of the European summer, drinks, parties, beach, sunshine worlds best food, It’s the ultimate paradise.

  11. The year 1998 i was 18 at the time and my grandparents decided to take a road trip up to my cousins in Zimbabwe and spend Xmas there, i managed to convince my family to let my best friend at the time to come with and off we went on an adventure i will never forget, the first interesting incident was when we hit the border and customs was about to search the car me and my friend started to sweat bullets because one of our grand ideas for the trip was to bring no less than 8 BB Guns with us along with some vodka because you know boys will be boys, luckily something happened and the officer stopped checking and told us to move on so off we went into the customs building to sort out papers to only have a guy try to pick pocket me and then try to get into my grandfathers backpack only to get smacked across the back of the head by a security officer and get dragged off (those guys do not play around, hence the sweating bullets about the BB Guns and Vodka lol), and this was only the beginning other incidents include me, my friend and my one cousin taking my uncles houseboat out in the middle of the night getting drunk and then thinking it was good idea to swim in the croc infested lake kariba (seemed cleaver at the time) another would be falling asleep on the stoop and then waking up face to face with a hippo, another would be us almost getting caught by border patrol because we had taken the houseboat into Zambian territory lol. I have never had a summer like this again and i wish they had devices like the LG V20 back then so i could have documented the whole thing, but maybe i can win one for my next grand adventure.

  12. Oh my soul…I left the longest reply and it’s gone. Do you need to approve comments first? Let me test this one and if it doesn’t show up I’ll redo my answer. *sobs*

  13. The most epic summer adventure was when i went on my first hike, first zip line and first abseil all in 2 days. During the abseil i managed to get burnt between one of my finger because i touched the steel rope as going down!

  14. Not sure what is up, every time I post my answer it disappears. It was such a fun reply as well. I guess it just was not meant to be. Epic summer adventure was taking my firstborn and her dad to CT for a vacation. I remember her running through canal walk, bare filthy feet (I was horrified) and she just had a blast. She would pass out in the car everyday after the day’s adventure. It’s not islands or surfing, but it was our epic <3
    Apologies if there are 2 other long replies of mine stuck in approvals and I just kept posting. my bad.

  15. I do a lot of long distance trips, for example I go from Joburg to Port Nolloth, from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, from Joburg to Cape Town. My epic trips include meeting friends and staying over, spending time with them whenever we take the long black snake on. There are so many epic trips, I have learned that one should just be open to meet people and listen to their stories. My honeymoon was also a roadtrip, and one of our gifts were a handmade Christmas tree made out of small tree stumps.

  16. I love day trips, so my sister and I went/visited local sea-side resorts throughout the year from Kaysers Beach to Kidds Beach. It’s amazing what different things you can see just by travelling a few hours from home.

  17. my most epic adventure is when we went fishing in the quarry , for hours we didnt catch anything then all of a sudden the rod was pulled in by a fish .was a great family bonding adventure

  18. love camping , love nature , love going for wild trips , long road trips. epic moments is when travelling long distance on road and there are no toilets around and you have to go

  19. My favourite holiday adventure was when my best friend and I went to Tanzania for the Easter weekend. What an adventure! We basically flew on soul plane – the people on this flight were just super ghetto lol

    We stayed in a hotel that was on the beach and the indian ocean is so amazing we literally stayed in the water all day and all night on the first day. The second day we took a ferry to an island close by and relaxed on this tropical island sipping cocktails and I havin gout first lobsters. it then started to rain on the island and they rushed the few people that was there off on the ferry, but we were the last people off the island and on our way back the ferry broke down in the middle of the ocean, all of a sudden two guys on their jetski’s (not emregency people – they’re locals and had their eye on us). Like a scene from a movie they saved our day and offered us a ride on their jetski’s. It was the best experience ever!

  20. I have two that I can’t choose between. The first was the year before we had our first kid. We went up to Plett and lazed on the beach, went walking with the elephants, bungee jumping and visited the monkeys in their natural habitat at the primate sanctuary.

    The other one was my first visit to Europe. My mom and I went to Italy and then took a train to Switzerland. It was one of the most beautifully scenic routes I’ve taken and Italy just crept into my heart, especially Florence!

  21. We went to Mauritius in 2010. It was a memorable trip. The water sports were amazing and out of this world. The beaches are also on another level. Definitely my most memorable childhood summer adventure!

  22. My family not only celebrates Christmas in December but a load of Birthday’s too. My epic Summer Adventure is just spending time at home in Paternoster, enjoying my family and all the celebrations that come along with this time of year.

  23. Took my son to CT last week, hes only 4 so we went to see real life size dinosaurs (he even go to ride one) then we went to a warehouse filled with trampolines! He was in heaven! Seeing the joy on his face was the most amazing sight ever!

  24. My most epic summer adventure included a beach lots of dogs , a place near the sea and family it was truly amazing. We spent it in a quite little romantic town , with all our family and friends and dogs 🙂 It was fantastic xxxxxxxxx

  25. My most epic summer adventure was our family holiday to Zanzibar! It was Zoe’s first overseas trip so huge excitement in the build up to the trip. Once there we stayed in a gorgeous hotel with its own private beach, glorious blue pool, limitless cocktails and ice cold local beers all day, surfing, kayaking, wind surfing and kite surfing. The highlight though was swimming with a pod of about 40 wild dolphins – TWICE! We talk about that trip all the time and can’t wait to do it again!!

  26. Best summer that I can remember.

    I just turned 21 and instead of throwing a typical party like most people do.
    I decided to rather do something different and for myself.

    And so entered Face Adrenalin into the picture (Bloukrans bridge bungee jump)
    The worlds highest bungee from a bridge IN THE WORLD!!!

    What an awesome and crazy experience and to build up the hype, what actually happens under the bridge, this is a small Sky Bridge that you walk to the jumping area.

    The distance that you walk on this sky bridge, is also the same distance that you fall/jump.

    After strapping in, they help you to the edge and as you look down you think “HOLY F***, what am I thinking, this is nuts … NOPE NOPE NOPE”

    But before you know if, your jumping, screaming and PRAYING XD

    Was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

  27. My absolute amazing summer experience was my first and most amazing Kruger National Park experience. . . We drove across the entire park and were lucky enough to see 4 of the big 5. We stayed at different chalets & braaied every night of the 5 we were there. This was the absolute best ?☺

    We swam at each and every pool we came across and at 1 point we decided to wearbour costumes underneath our clothes because changing was just becoming a hassle ?.

  28. I hope you are sitting down because you’re in for a ride. This summer (Peruvian) I decided to kick off my inaugural overseas trip by backpacking my way through Peru and Bolivia for 5 weeks, forgoing the comforts of Europe and touristy vibes of South East Asia, yes Thailand I see you!

    Starting off in Lima, Miraflores I had 3 days of surfing bliss ripping the cost of Playa Makhana and exploring the park culture that holds true for this area of Peru, I mean they have a whole park just dedicated to stray cats! The locals feed them and pose for photos with them like little feline celebs, after Lima I ventured (read 23 hour bus ride) to Cusco. During my time here I was lucky enough to partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony, used for finding direction in one’s life. The surroundings of the Sacred Valley in Pisac was enough to have me shedding snot en trane in the local taxi, my only console coming from a local gentleman who just nodded and said sagely, “Beautiful is it not?”.

    After this I prepped myself for my 90km 5 day hike from Mollepata to Cusco, that is another story in itself, the highlight seeing an actual avalanche on Mount Salkantay at about 5000m. There were so amazing adventures along this hike this comment would prove way too long. Exploring Machu Picchu was such a spiritual experience despite the hordes of tourists that make their way from all over the world.

    Then it was off to Arequipa to hike the Colca Canyon and brave the rapids of the Chile river, then off to Puno the gateway town to venture along the floating islands of the world’s highest lake, Lake Titicaca, it spans 2 countries and over 8000 square kilometres.

    Entering the border of Bolivia can be nightmarish for most citizens but as a South African so much more confusion as we Saffers are a rare breed in South America. I stayed in La Paz for a few nights doing a 50m face down abseil in the CBD of La Paz while dressed as Batman (geek bucket list ticked off).

    My last leg was a 1 hour flight to Rurrenbaque in a literal metal cigar, this plane only seats ten people and the airport is smaller than some houses in Cape Town, besides the stifling heat, hordes of mosquitoes and locals on their scooters trying to mow you down being in the jungle is something everybody needs to experience. I mean I fished for and ate piranhas, swam in crocodile infested waters, got bum touched by a pink river dolphin and got to see a sloth in it’s natural environment.

    Well that was my South American summer. Hoping my Cape Town one proves just as majestic and magical.

    Thanks for reading

  29. Summer was always fun when just hanging with friends, parties and bike rides! That’s my type of adventure.

  30. My family (wife and twins 7yrs old) went to Langebaan (Mykonos) for the weekend about 5 years ago. I can honestly say that they are still talking about that holiday. We played tennis. Made sandcastles on the deserted beach. We enjoyed the heated pool from morning till late evening. Memories were made and thats what summer holidays are about! #Fun #Family #Memories 😉

  31. My most epic summer adventure was learning to surf. It was a life long dream and it’s a beautiful thing. Im addicted to it. I cant believe that a condition I had, didn’t allow me to be in cold water. Basically I was allergic to cold water, Google it, its a real thing. Hehe. I would swell up and if my chest got the cold, it caused difficulty with me breathing, after many years the condition got better and I now love going to the beaching and riding the waves. You guys would never believe how it feels not to jump into the sea with your friends and family. I always just seat and watched the clothes. lol. I finally can laugh about it and appreciate the sea/beach and love my new hobby.

  32. Toured around Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls, Kariba, Hwange National Park, Nyanga, Lake McIlwaine… Incredibly beautiful country with some very friendly people. Highly recommended.

  33. My most epic summer adventure.. i was lucky enough to go scuba biking in Mauritius.. It took a lot of convincing to get me there.. i get totally sea sick on any boat.. let alone a barge in the ocean which was where it took place.. but once I was in the water, I can’t describe the awesomeness of being beneath gorgeous turquoise water and having the fish eat right out of your hand.. epic beyond anything I’ve ever done.. i will tweet a picture 🙂 @lynnandjp

  34. My most epic summer adventure was sailing and snorkeling in the Maldives with my husband . It was absolutely unforgettable !!!

  35. Summer 2015
    Went to Bali, ate so many seafood dishes including evening braai on the beach, splashed in Kuta Beach amongst the surfers, rafted down the Ayung River, snorkeled at Lombok island, met so many new friends – now that was one epic, unforgettable summer adventure!

  36. My Summer Adventure will be driving down from Johannesburg through to Durban and then Cape Town as a Road trip with no set destinations and resting places, its all about winging it and finding the places you like most.

  37. In the middle of a summer’s night. We decided to drive down in convoy to Big Bay, made a bonfire on the beach, parked the cars in a circle, got the DJ equipment out, hooked it up to a generator and had an impromtu beach party! We danced the night away 🙂

  38. My most epic Summer adventure has to be Drakensburg. . hiking and going on four wheelers through rivers and mud , made our holidays

  39. My most epic summer was road tripping through our beautiful country from Cape Town right through to Durban in 2014. Memories for a life time.

  40. My most epic summer was when we took a road trip to rhe garden route. Wow incredible, breathtaking views and things to do

  41. Most epic summer adventure was when me and 8 cuzzies took a road trip to sun city. Stopping at various towns/dorpies, you know you’ve had the most epic adventure when the “road” bit was an epic adventure on its own. SA has so much to offer in terms of beauty, culture, climate & people. From heatwaves in the Karoo to thunderstorms in Mafikeng, it was a summer never to forget! Moments that will live with us family forever!

  42. My most epic summer adventure was island hopping in Thailand, soaking up sun, sand, coconut cocktails and laying in my hammock overlooking the ocean. Xx

  43. My greatest Summer adventure happened in the East, my trip to patong with my boyfriend. We didn’t spend one day resting, we did everything from snorkelling to paragliding which resulted in my Sony Xperia dying but non the less it was one of the best trips we’ve had. My fave memory was getting to feed, bathe and just love the elephants in a river. Priceless memories!

  44. My most epic summer memory was staying in a tented tree house secluded in the hills of the garden route with my newly married wife for a mini getaway after out wedding. Just us and nature.

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