Nespresso CitiZ

This new tech will become your go to every morning


Here’s a shocker: I never liked coffee. Up until last year I’d drunk all of 3 cups in my life. I stayed away from it like the plague. I just really didn’t like the taste. The giant flaw here was that I only knew the taste of instant coffee. It was what I had tried and thus decided I didn’t like.

However, in 2015 I was able to travel a bit more. While in Cape Town overlooking the mountain, with a strong breeze (see: gail force wind) pounding a window outside – I took my first sip of a coffee I truly enjoyed. A few weeks later I attended a wedding in the Midlands where I had another sip of a brew that was truly remarkable.

The coffee bug bit

Nespresso CitiZ

My blog and day job allow me to travel. They allow me to watch, from a Balcony in Buenos Aires while sipping an Espresso, as the party goers return in the early hours of the morning or to wrap my hands around a steaming Cappuccino as I try warm up in a coffee shop between trips on the London underground to meetings. The taste of coffee has become synonymous with adventure.

It also wakes me up

Nespresso CitiZ

Here’s something you might not know: caffeine has a pretty decent kick if you only start drinking it at 28. I’m operating at full tilt daily and sometimes on minimal sleep. I rely on caffeine to get me going in the morning. The taste of coffee has become synonymous with:

Let’s get up and SLAY it.

Enter the Nespresso CitiZ

Nespresso CitiZ

I’ve used (see: abused) Nespresso machines at clients and friends houses for years. I’ve regularly popped in to Nespresso cafes in different countries to try out their delicious blends. So being able to use the Nespresso CitiZ machine was a rather exciting prospect. I’d be able to have delicious coffee at home every morning. My go to ritual is now to wake up and pop in a capsule to get the day started. The machine is beautifully designed with an industrial yet simple shape. It elegantly fits into my apartment. I love that it isn’t big and bulky but rather conveniently compact.

The machine also has an integrated Aeroccino milk frother. I sometimes like to mix the Livanto Grand Cru blend with some chocolate before adding a touch of froth on lazy Sunday mornings for a special treat. With all my travelling and workload it is the perfect guilty (and relaxing) treat.

Simple, quick, delicious

Nespresso CitiZ

The Nespresso CitiZ is extremely easy to use, you plug it in and you’re good to go. It takes little under 25 seconds to heat the water up and you can bled either an espresso or a Lungo cup of coffee. Yum!

The machine is so simple to use and I do love that about a piece of tech. There is no rocket science involved. In my rush to leave the door before twenty past 6 in the morning (Yes), it supplies me with a quick cup of delicious coffee. I can select a blend from a host of different regions allowing me to relive those lazy Argentine mornings or trigger the London craziness if I know I need a bit of oomph for the day. The Nespresso blends are a taste of my adventures and also if I have Nespresso elsewhere in the world it is an immediate reminder of home now too.

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