No need for a million gadgets at the gym

We’ve all seen them: the gym bunny who arrives with her iPod, earphones, FitBit, VivoFit and maybe a Nike Fuel Band just in cases… those three are just on her one arm! Watching them tangle themselves in a multitude of cables is oddly entertaining but still rather cringe worthy.

There is no need for a million gadgets at the gym – Jabra’s just launched the Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds in SA. It’s a rather rad set of earphones that have an integrated heart rate monitor and use the Sport Life App. The App lets you do what most sports apps let you do – plan your workouts, track your progress and evaluate data from your workout. That data is collected from the integrated heart rate monitor in the earbuds. Pretty cool right?



So while all of this is going on you can also listen to your favourite music. Without the cables this is all happening strangulation free. We haven’t had a chance to try the earphones so we cannot comment on sound quality but we do like the wearables integration happening here! We’ve also heard that these little beauties’ batteries keep ’em going for about 5 hours and they’re waterproof! The only possible downfall is the price. The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are going to hit your pocket about R2 399.00. If that doesn’t put you off you can find them in most electronic stores from the middle of November (so like now).



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