Is the Triumph Bra Online Fit Finder now available in SA?

Updated: the awesome folk at Triumph South Africa have got hold of me – we have a great Fit Advice page currently on the local website. Use that to determine your measurements and the info below to determine the perfect style. Voila! Gorgeous cleavage! 

Okay, I’m so not sure about this one. I can only hope the Triumph Bra Online Fit Finder is now available in SA because it is a great idea. However, despite numerous emails and phone calls I’m still unable to get hold of someone handling Triumph’s PR or media. It was this here sneaky tweet that sparked my interest:


The Triumph Bra Online Fit Finder is a great little section on a few of the brand’s overseas sites that breaks down bra fit for you and helps you find a bra that actually works for you. 2 out of 3 women wear a bra that doesn’t fit. I think many a time we run into the store see something pretty and grab it. Just because the size is right doesn’t mean it actually fits. Really. That’s where the Triumph Bra Online Fit Finder comes in. It aims to educate you on styles and fit so you can buy the best bra for you.

So, after I couldn’t get hold of anyone at Triumph I went on over to the US Fit Finder and simply edited the URL slightly. It seems there is an SA offering but right now it isn’t linked to the local online shop. Some fits aren’t linked at all while others take you through to the UK shop. It’s still easy enough to utilise though and simply flag items you like in the UK shop and then head on over to our local online store, find the South African equivalent and purchase. It’s relatively easy.


I love the explanations and, once you’ve clicked on a fit it shows you the detailed information and example pictures (as well as linking you to a host of Triumph bras that would suit your needs). So far the online fit finder has had an incredible response in the countries it has been launched in. This video breaks it down (and shows off some really nice underwear too!):


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