Top 3 gadgets for the month

We’ve started a new series, one that will be ongoing to help you find the best gadgets at the best possible prices. We all know that King Price is the cheapest insurance but what we don’t know is where to buy the cheapest geeky gadgets!

Money is tight but the end of the year is here and if you’re not taking advantage of Christmas specials you’re likely missing out. So let’s be a little bit smarter about how we buy our favourite techie toys. Luckily for you, we’ve found 3 awesome gadget wonders that end up working out to be rather affordable. These are our top 3 gadgets for the month:

1. The MTN Steppa tablet


A tablet for R999 – that’s pretty damn awesome right? It has a 2MB main camera and runs on Android 4.4. While internal storage isn’t great there is an option to add a micro SD card. And it’s less than R1000… kind of (we’re ignoring the data charges).

2. Star Wars Storm Trooper Christmas Lights


While these might not be the cheapest lights on the market they’re definitely the most value for money set you can get. I’m regularly fooled into purchasing cheap Chinese Christmas lights and the next year you’re replacing them all over again. So at R630 you’re guaranteed quality long lasting lights but, at the same time, you’ll have the best Christmas tree in Joburg. When you think about it, you can’t put a price on that (these lights are available over at Geeks Doing Stuff).

3. RED-E RC25 Portable Charger


It’s the size of a credit card and it packs a punch. By far my favourite handbag companion, this little guy has never failed me and I expect him to juice a variety of different mobile phones. I had a love affair with my RED-E PowerBank Premium Edition but after he was unceremoniously removed from my car I had to turn to the RC25. It’s a great little gadget and will only cost you R250.

Let’s be honest, cheap gadgets make us happy. Well, cheap anything really – that’s why we’ve filled in our details to get a quick quote from the sponsor of this blog post.

And while you’re at it, with your decreasing monthly car insurance premiums, make sure you use the cash you’re saving for some more great gadgets (we’ll normally tell you about them here first).

What are you waiting for? BUY. ALL. THE. THINGS.


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