LuMee Phone cases that light up your selfies

I saw the LuMee Phone case on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed awhile back (I know, don’t judge). They’re these incredible little phone cases that have their own battery source. When you take a selfie and need better light you can switch them on and they supply extra light, thus giving you the perfect selfie!


The cases run on their own separate battery so they won’t suck your phone’s life dry. They’re rather gorgeous and, even when off, still look really sexy on your phone. LuMee phone cases are available in a variety of colours and cost between $49 and $54. I immediately contacted LuMee to find out if they were available in SA. According to Meghan Sowa, from the PR company handling the LuMee brand in the States, the cases could be purchased online and shipped to South Africa. Now that I’ve set up my Aramex Global Shopper account this didn’t bug me (one week to get stuff, it is amazing!).

However, one of my favourite local bloggers and snapchatters, Aisha Baker, recently posted this Instagram:

I got extremely excited but it seems the handle she used doesn’t work on Instagram or Twitter. So this can only mean two things:

1. LuMee cases will be available soon and now we know courtesy of Aisha, its just a matter of waiting it out

2. You’ll have to get your own Aramex Global Shopper and import your LuMee Phone Case (I’m seriously considering it).


Update: I’ve confirmed with the official South African distributor. the Lumee covers are available on Shop & Ship as well as Takealot. 

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