iPhone 6s Review

The Apple iPhone 6s love affair

In December I purchased a Macbook Pro. Armed with my Apple tech I was sent an iPhone 6s and Apple Watch to review courtesy of the iStore. I once had an iPhone. In fact it was the first smartphone I ever owned after jumping off the Blackberry bandwagon. I had it for a total of two months when it was ripped from my hands at gunpoint. My brother, a then Android fanatic, announced I was stupid to spend the insurance money replacing it and should rather get an Android. I did.

For the two months I had that iPhone I loved it.

But I’m the superstitious type and I was scared another Apple device would remind me of the cold steel jabbing in to my back. So I switched over. I’ve always said that the iPhone operating system was, for me, the best designed and least cluttered on the market. A few years later my mom got herself the iPhone 5C and I used it for a few Apple app reviews. I felt a yearning but put it down to that classy design.

I stuck with Android.

iPhone 6s Review

I’ve already gone on about how much I loved the Apple Watch but, the true star of the show was that iPhone 6s. I was able to use a Rose Gold one, pink (if we’re honest) and I felt rather smug pulling it out of my handbag and placing it on a table. For little over a month I’ve been using the iPhone 6s and it has weaselled its way into my life and my heart. Despite the Apple neigh-sayers I found it easy to move all my information and data over to the phone. Within two hours I felt like I was home.

I loved that I had access to apps I never thought I’d get a chance to use. My absolute favourite is Slinger – the app that let’s you save Snapchat videos. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope without this phone. As I type this I’m busy preparing to transfer back to an Android because my time with the iPhone 6s was short lived. I’ve had this little tech blog for short of two years. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to play with some of the best phones on the market. There are only two I’ve ever felt heartbroken about giving back: The Sony Xperia Z2 and now, the iPhone 6s. I’ve actually sat for the last 24 hours wondering if the marketing team would be willing to sell the phone, now cradled in my hands, to me.

The first thing I really loved about the iPhone 6s was the battery power.

iPhone 6s Review

Despite people telling me the iPhone drinks juice I found its battery to be one of the best I’ve experienced. It lasted throughout the day (and if you see how much I use my phone you’ll know that is a hell of a lot). When it did hit low power it warned me, but I could easily get through another 2 to 3 hours on 20%. It synced with my new car immediately allowing me to abuse Google Maps (I’ll be honest, Apple Maps needs a drastic improvement) while playing my entire library of music stored in iTunes. I did this every day while on the road with minimum effect to my battery.

It never slowed down

iPhone 6s Review

I save a lot of images, load a lot of emails and download documents. I use a phone the way some would use a mini computer. Despite the heavy usage and memory storage the iPhone 6s never slowed down. It was always speedy and quick to respond. I never had it heating up in my hand or hanging. It just worked and it worked well. I’m still impressed with the OS. It’s clean and sleek while also being simple and easy to use. It’s a fantastic example of quality design minus the bloatware. The fact that it also syncs to my Macbook rather easily is a big selling point. I know an Android can do the same but I’m not sure if it will BE the same.

The camera will wow you

iPhone 6s Review

It might not have the highest specs on the market but the camera produces the most incredible images every time. I found myself constantly in awe of the image quality I was getting and posted on both Twitter and Instagram about it multiple times. The camera on this phone is top class. The options are endless and the basic built in editing was enough for me to get what I needed. I even filmed a few videos on the phone. In the past, trying to move those on to a PC and edit was a headache. Not the case with the iPhone 6s. The quality when I imported to iMovie was almost the same as the quality of video on my DSLR. I was starting to wonder if the big clunky camera was even needed.

Is this the perfect phone?

iPhone 6s Review

I loved the Touch ID functionality of the phone and I loved the way the iPhone 6s was the perfect fit for my hand. The display was ideal and it seemed to just snuggle its way into my life without even trying. As I box it up I’m devastated. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye and I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever feel the same with another phone. How is this even possible? It’s a phone for goodness sake! Why do I feel so attached?

That there is the point though isn’t it? Apple designed phones that feel like they’re an extension of you. They become a part of you and intuitively react to your needs without even trying. That’s why they’re such fantastic smartphones and that is why people the world over are so obsessed with them. I get it now. I really do. There’s only one question left really:

Do I go out and buy the iPhone 6s right now or I should I hold out for the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 6s is available from the iStore. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy Apple products from anywhere else. Their service is top class and their warranties and guarantees look to be the best of the bunch (I’m talking from Macbook purchasing experience). You can buy your iPhone 6s here. The iStore also offers all upgrades and contracts on all networks.

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