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Moving to the dark side – from a Microsoft laptop to a Macbook Pro

For a few months I’ve had a yearning to get my hands on a Macbook Pro. Everyone I spoke to didn’t seem to think the jump from a Microsoft laptop to a Macbook Pro would be a good one. They would tell me I was mad, silly and my bank account would hate me. There was also considerable discussion about how Apple “sucked”. Yet, the pull to the Macbook Pro was still strong. My laptop lives with me. I’m on the road all day, carrying my device to and from meetings, into the office, home and then off to where ever else I may be (I’ve been known to whip it out at baby showers for work emergencies! Sorry Zoe).

I’ve tried moving around with 2 in 1 devices but screens 13″ or smaller are difficult for blog work and video editing. I desperately need the bigger screen. In the past I’d utilise a desktop PC at work, a 15″ laptop at home and when on the road I had a little 2 in 1 Asus from Microsoft. I lived off the cloud and a host of USB sticks. When my year was up with the Microsoft device I ended up lugging around my Acer Laptop (and it is a big bugger). Three months ago I started a new job and jumped to a 15″ Dell. I want to highlight here that all these devices were great to use but they were big. They were clunky. Their charging cables took up space and having one permanently attached to my shoulder was becoming a drag… literally.

macbook pro

While there were a host of Microsoft devices available that would possibly offer up a lighter and thinner design I was still on the fence. When I made the jump from Blackberry many moons ago I actually moved to an iPhone and I loved it. I was held up at gun point and it was taken from me. I went in to the store to replace it and moved to Android as I had this weird superstition that the Apple phone would just be a reminder of the cold steel of a gun barrel digging in to my back. Silly. I’ve always said the Apple OS was one I liked. At my new job many of my colleagues work on Macbooks and I was starting to come in to contact with them more and more. I liked their simple functionality and the appeal of a sexy sleek looking machine. They also just seem to last.

macbook pro

The cons of my decision?

  • Changing to a new operating system after you’ve grown up with the Microsoft interface is definitely not an easy one.
  • The cost of a Macbook Pro, especially one with a bigger screen, hits your bank balance HARD. This weighed heavily on my mind for a long time before making the decision to jump ship. However, most MacBook owners I’ve spoken to keep their devices for far longer than other laptop owners. From what I’ve seen, they last!
  • Moving to Apple means forking out on new software. Cracks and hacked programmes are a no go and you’re going to have to say goodbye to the money you’ve already forked out on your Microsoft device and software.

macbook pro

Why I decided to make the jump anyway

(please keep in mind this is my opinion and many will disagree. Fair enough. This piece is about why I decided to change):

  • I think the MacBook is more secure.
  • It’s made to transport. The 15″ is still light and easier enough to cart around all day. It happens to look rather sexy as well.
  • The battery life on MacBooks is incredibly attractive to me. They can go for most of the day and I like that.
  • Photo editing, blogging and video editing is a pleasure. I’d always felt I needed to a bigger screen as opposed to the 15″ laptop. I struggled to video edit on it. I don’t feel like that at all with a Macbook Pro.
  • I really do love the ease and functionality of the Apple OS. There, I said it.

I made the jump. I’ve been on a MacBook Pro for three weeks now and I’ve loved every minute of it. I hate Outlook but love the Mail option on Apple. I have all my accounts synced to one place. I was never a fan of trackpads but have found the MacBook’s to be the best of the bunch. I may have converted. The machine is fast, the display beautiful and all in all I’m happy with my purchase.

macbook pro

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re deciding to move to a MacBook Pro:

  • It is really expensive. FNB offers device payment options that are interest free. Though I was extremely anti these as I didn’t like the idea that you had to pay the laptop off over 2 years and, if you tried to settle earlier would be penalised. I hate being in debt. The iStore now offers an account type set up if you want to pay off the device. Useful to keep in mind if you don’t have the cash to put down up front.
  • There is free training – use it! The iStore offers free MacBook training for new users. I relied on Google when I initially jumped but am seriously considering attending some training in the new year. There is also a tips and tricks session offered. These classes happen at the iStore and are usually about an hour or so long. You’ve spent a lot of money on the device. Take advantage of the added extras!
  • No, you don’t need to buy everything Apple. I was told before purchasing the MacBook Pro that I’d need to change my smartphone and my tablet. That you only get the best out of Apple products if everything you use is Apple. Maybe this is the case, however I have a Sony tablet and use a variety of Android phones. So far I’ve not had too many problems. One issue is that I used to just plug my phone in to my Microsoft laptop via USB to pull images, snapchats etc. The Macbook Pro wouldn’t allow me to do this with an HTC One M9. It insisted I download a sync programme which it then refused to open as the programme hadn’t come from the App Store. Slightly frustrating but I’ve worked around it by loading media to the Google Drive and then downloading on the Mac. I’ll need to try with another Android brand to determine if the problem is universal. I’m also testing out an iPhone 6s and Apple Watch… so maybe I might go full fruit!
  • Yup, it really is as good as they say. I love the machine. I love that it is fast and that the OS is reasonably easy to navigate. I installed Microsoft Office but, other than that, I’ve not missed the typical Windows features I thought I would. Though Windows for Mac is an option if you want it.

I’ve drunk the KoolAid and it tastes delicious. I don’t regret my decision at all. If you’re on the market for a functional laptop that can easily move around and still pack a punch – I’d highly recommend a MacBook Pro. I’m a fan.


I purchased my device from the iStore and the service was top class. The courier company messed me around and kept promising to deliver and then disappearing. No problem for the iStore staff, they arranged delivery on a Saturday and sent me their personal mobile numbers so I could get hold of them. While the courier company was frustrating I was extremely impressed with the iStore online. They did not know I was a blogger, so this is the expected service for all customers – NICE ONE!

Another bonus about the Macbook Pro? I forgot my charger at home when I arrived at work today… no issue. An Apple screen has a connection that allows me to charge it. Winning!

Any one else made the jump to a MacBook? How was your experience? 


  1. Obviously I love this post! You can allow for apps downloaded from other places. From your Apple icon on top left, click System Preferences, then Security & Privacy. You can click which option you want from there.

  2. YESSSS! I made the change in 2010 when I started freelancing and will never look back! I found that many of the naysayers were those who’d never actually used an Apple device, and those would claim they didn’t like them when in reality it was because they were viewed as expensive and elitist (I’m talking about ‘back in the day’ obvs when Apple products were less common) I literally spent my then life savings on my first MBP – it was the most expensive, extravagant thing I had EVER purchased but I don’t regret a second of it. I honestly think that as a creative freelancer, I cant afford NOT to have a reliable computer that meets my tech needs. Having gone through 3 laptops in the space of my final year at uni (yup, gulp!) – my apple products have been the only thing that have outlasted my bad luck with PCs… Unfortunately my MBP blew out in a power surge in the beginning of 2014 but was still going strong till then – replaced it with an iMac (thanks Insurance!) and recently added a 13″ MBP to the family so that I can work remotely / on site with clients when needed. Viva la Mac!

  3. Loved this review. After all the mishaps I had with my smartphone last September, the phone repair shop that I was dealing with settled to give me an iPhone 5 to replace the phone that they broke, while trying to replace the screen. I was really apprehensive as I have always been an Android fan and die-hard Huawei supporter but I didn’t have much option, so took the iPhone. My contract for my phone is due for an upgrade in June and it’s become a huge dilemma whether to stay with Apple or go back to Android. I am so surprised by the efficiency of my iPhone and even with it being a few generations older, it still runs smoothly, holds a charge (not as well as a SONY, but still good enough) and it’s photos are something that I will never understand. Photos just seem brighter and better on an iPhone. I love the app offering and let’s not forget the amount of accessories you have on offer. Plus, since having a kid, just about every one of my Androids have ended up with a smashed screen or broken from a splash of water (or teething drool) my iPhone doesn’t have a cover and it’s lasted this long – they’re built to last. With that being said, if their phones are anything to go by, then I can definitely understand converting to a Mac book.

  4. Well written Sam (as always..)
    Though I use Microsoft and Android devices and platforms for primary daily grinding.
    My toppie convinced me to give a MacBook a few days to settle… I can honestly say that I enjoy the OS for my more creative endeavours, namely my music compositions and writing..

    Yes, the monetary components have left my wallet lighter than expected, but Holy Salticrax its been worthwhile.

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