Hot or not: this site will tell you

#HowHot is a site that lets “artificial intelligence guess your attractiveness and age”.  Think of it as a beauty pageant without the world peace part and the competition is judged by robots.

how hot - an app that uses AI to guess your age and attractiveness
Hot or not?

Upload an image and your hotness is measured on a sliding scale that ranges from Hmm.. to Godlike. It also guesses your age, similar to Microsoft’s  How Old site. But that’s not really the point.

hot or not scale
You can also share your results with the world.

Before you get too carried away, there is a “Do I need to take this seriously?” button. This has to be one of the best disclaimers ever.

best disclaimer ever

A willing co-worker who volunteered his photo echoes the same sentiment.

Guys there is an app that rates how hot you are!” – me shocked.

I’ll try it….” – co-worker.

You’re willingly doing this? I would wait to get home so that I could cry alone at the result.” – me again

Who cares. It’s all bullsh*# anyway!” – co-worker *laughing*

And the results are in….

error report
This is the error report I got when I tried to upload my picture…

Get #HowHot now and remember don’t take it too seriously, unless you get Godlike, then share that with everyone.

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