Slinger the vertical video sharing app

Slinger – the video sharing app Snapchatters (and everyone else) have been waiting for

It’s no secret that Snapchat is currently my favourite app and definitely my favourite social network at the moment. I’ve been using it to create a host of “Snapchat stories” which incorporate images and videos. The thing is, while I’m on it nearly every day and creating stacks of stories, there are a few that I really wish I could keep forever (Snapchat removes content after 24 hours). You can download the videos to your phone but sharing them on other platforms doesn’t really get their effect across.

Instagram only lets you share 10 second videos so if your Snapchat Story is longer than that it won’t work. Twitter and Facebook can be used but I find the vertical video on these platforms isn’t a popular style.

Enter Slinger.

Slinger the vertical video sharing app

Slinger is a new app and social platform that has been started by Snapchat superstar Chris Carmichael. It provides a space to load vertical videos and store them forever. Users are also able to interact with the videos, watch them and even like them. I put together a short how to on our YouTube channel to give you an idea of how to use Slinger and how it works:

Slinger is really simple to use. Once you’ve downloaded it and signed it (you set your username, ours is TechGirl is you want to follow) and then it gives you a list of suggested users to follow – most of them are really well known content creators on Snapchat, YouTube, Vine and the like.

Slinger the vertical video sharing app

Your Home Page shares recent videos added by people you follow. The Play button shows you trending videos and there is also a Leaderboard showing you the most popular videos. Uploading a video is really easy – just click the Sling, choose a header image for your video and you’re good to go! Once your video is uploaded to Slinger it is there to stay. I use it as a place to share my best Snapchat content but any vertical video content is welcome.

Slinger the vertical video sharing app

Currently Slinger is only available for iPhone users (I’ve been loaned an iPhone 6s courtesy of the iStore, I’m not sure I can give it back now!) but should be available for Android soon.

Have you tried out Slinger yet? What’s your username? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll be sure to follow you! 

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