Want to win a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet?

Of course you do!

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been spending some quality time with the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet and seeing how it fits into my life. I took it overseas with me, used it to record and edit videos and also found a host of resources to get free ebooks (which I then read on the tablet).


It has fitted into my life (and my handbag) rather effortlessly. There’s a few things I really love – for starters it has the best battery on the tablet market (beaten only by the Z3, maybe) and it’s also waterproof, which means if you have it outdoors or happen to leave it on your coffee table before knocking over a glass of wine, you’re still safe.


Those are just two of the features that I think are rad. There are a few more and I want you to tell me about them.


You could win a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet valued at around R9 689.00. As per usual the competition is relatively easy. I need you to tell me which feature on the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet you love. Here’s the catch – you can’t use the two I just mentioned (waterproof & battery). As it is a Christmas competition I want to make sure this prize goes to someone who REALLY REALLY REALLY wants it.

So give me your favourite feature in the comments below and, for a bonus entry, send out a tweet. Simple as that.

Good luck! 

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  1. Another giveaway???? AWESOME!!!! Well my favourite features have to be the Gaming. I can use the tablet as a tv and use my PS controller. So no more fighting with my family over the TV. I mean as a gamer that is pretty awesome!!

  2. The Fact that it has a 2.3 Ghz Quad-core Processor, and 3 GB of Ram. That, makes it damn near as powerful as my Work PC. and oh look, Office Apps on Android.

    And Gaming Graphics on this thing do look impressive!

  3. I have an 11 month old, so that Shatter proof glass will come in handy! Quad-core 2.3 CPU, 20.7MP, autofocus Camera (selfies!), the cardslot can take up to 128GB MicroSD and then, up to 10 finger multitouch! Tons of fun to actually use the keyboard like a DEVELOPER! This is awesome, i could literally code from the Sony Xperia z2

  4. That Triluminos display and X-Reality for the incredible image quality on the go. I watch a lot of videos and am an editor by trade – so having a mobile option to display my videos in the best possible quality would be incredible.

  5. The design is my BEST FEATURE it is super sleek , sophisticated , easy to carry around and SEXY. The OmniBalance design REALLY IS AMAZING ………………the Truliminos display is also AWESOMENESS 🙂 Those two are definitely my best …I WORK online I love online I WOULD LOVE THIS….had such bad luck with phones , one was stolen and another died …this would be the ultimate dream come true xxxx

  6. Fast connection is important to me to post things to social media and my blog so love – Ultra-fast LTE/4G technology

  7. I want this the most. I love the PS4 Remote Play. I’m a huge
    PlayStation fan. LOVE the Battery STAMINA Mode, because i play games all the
    time and this will be excellent. Oh, now I can play games in bed with
    earphones, no more complaints from the wife. Even play PlayStation in the train
    on my way to work. I’m going crazy just thinking of the limitless gaming time.

    Besides the Remote Play, this tablet looks amazing; its slim and light, LED
    screen picture looks amazing, going to be excellent for great gaming. Photo
    quality, yor, perfect for family photos and running shots of my dog Bolt.
    Instagram here i come. It’s really Truly Amazing. Sony is and will always be my
    favourite brand of all time. In other news, Yesterday Sony PlayStation turned
    20 years old.

  8. You’re kidding, right? You’re giving away the best Android tablet yet? Asking us to give one favourite feature? Only one?!

    This is by far the best Android tablet – and the first one to be favourably compared with the venerable iPad – for a host of reasons. My favourite? The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You get this amazing camera (good enough to make me look like a fool taking pictures with my tablet), a stunning screen (trust me, I’ve seen it), scary-fast processor(s), and Android 4.4 on top of it all (Soon to be Lollipop). All of that mashed inside a body so thin it seems impossible! (Perhaps there is a wormhole somewhere with all that tech hidden in another universe)

    I could go on, but I think you get the point. I’ve wanted to get this tablet since it came out – and I’ve been disappointed by Android tablets before now. The Z2 tablet made me rethink my position that only iOS tablets were worth their salt. ‘Nuff said.

  9. I love the fact that it has enough processing power to allow you to connect a PS3 controller and play games on it and still use it as a laptop. The second part is quite important to me, I’m a soon-to-be second year and I really do have a great need for one of these.
    And being able to play some games during breaks between classes wouldn’t be too bad either.

  10. The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is undoubtedly the best full-sized Android tablet out there that I have seen!!! I love that it is slim and waterproof, which means I can watch movies in the bath.

    If it makes any difference, it is the tablet I would buy with my own money, which is saying a lot.

      1. OOPS…Totally big blonde moment!!! With it’s Vibrant, high-resolution screen, I am looking forward too and would love to play games on it 😉 Fingers crossed!

  11. I love the HD display, making viewing more crisp and clear. Sony has outdone themselves with this tablet because it also contains LED rich colours making videos look more realistic.

  12. Being a huge movie fan, the way it handles movies would be the most used feature, I could watch movies whilst watching a movie! (at home, I’m not that ass in the cinema) and also ability to create art anywhere with the super fast hardware.

  13. My favourite feature is that it isn’t an iPad.
    In seriousness though that screen is really radtastic. Up to 10 finger multi-touch capabilities, how could you say no?

  14. omw this is so awesome wow. I love the 8 MP camera with Exmor RS for mobile – stunning shots in any light . Could any photo get better than this

  15. I SO desire and have lucid dreams … hehehehe… about the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. Its so sad when I have to wake up … without the Z2 🙁

    In my dreams I take the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet EVERYWHERE and do EVERYTHING with it. Even my visit to the bathroom is perfect in my dreams …

    So being (or hiding … it’s a mere difference of opinion) in the bathroom in my dreams (yes, I need a bathroom in my dreams) and relaxing, because who wants to follow you there … except for my doggy, but she loves not talking to me in the bathroom, so she is allowed, I NEVER have a problem with the Z2 being slow (because I feel courageous and invincible when I keep every app on this planet open) and the ultimate disaster NEVER happens … it just does not FREEZE …. because that will just be an ultimate waste of a solitary bathroom visit in my dreams!!!

    So, my favorite feature is the ultra-powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor!* The ultimate magic!

    PLEASE NOTE (this should be in fine print, but there is no such option, so maybe its a sign that Tech Girl should see this: *All this “magic of the Sony Xperia Z2 is only in my dreams … How I would love some reality this Christmas 😉

  16. Where do I start, been wanting this Tab since release February. Lets keep this Practical.


    3GB of RAM. 3!!!!!

    Shatterproof Glass

    Full HD (1080) Video Recording

    Quadcore @ 2.3GHz with the Andreno GPU


    Sony’s Patented X-Reality Engine

    Android Kit-Kat out of the Box, with Lollipop due to release shortly


    The “Pièce de résistance”

    PS4 Remote play! Recently releaed by Sony, means an Epic HD 10.1 Portable PS4!


    <3 Awesomoth

  17. It has a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor which means its faster and smoother, and couple this with the inclusion of the Adreno 330 GPU, it is the ultimate gaming tablet 😀 It also acts as a universal remote for your home so you can control devices all over your home. It also has “Throw” which allows you to mirror whats on your phone through your speakers, TV and home theatre system.

  18. I love the fact that it has Shatterproof Glass – Im always dropping things, such a fab feature for clumsy people like me 🙂 Have tweeted @JaxxLisa

  19. Hhmmm it’s a toss up between the angular design which makes it super comfy to hold for long periods (which will be awesome for me because I work a lot from my phone or current tablet at the moment) and the RGB notification LED. It’s something I really miss since I left Blackberry!

  20. I LOVE that it’s so slim and light, like me, basically 😉 {6.4 mm and less than 440 grams}. This means it can come with me everywhere without me having to go to the gym to be able to lug around everything! This working girl needs this tablet! xx

  21. There’s a large discrepancy between the number of tablets (smart tech devices) I’ve won (0) and the number of tablets I own (0), so I’m really excited to be the proud owner of the Z2 tablet with it’s awesome design features of being ridiculously slim and light yet packed with a powerful processor and Shatterproof glass which is perfect for someone as accident-prone and clumsy as I am :p :/ 🙁

  22. The high-res audio which reduces distortion and noise. This would be awesome to own and make my kids green with envy while I play crisp clear music. Unfortunately the reality would be my daughter getting it to use at school. Maybe I can use it in the evenings 🙂

  23. The Xperia Z2 is the boss of a series of refinements to Sony’s formula 🙂 Hidden alongside the top speaker is a large, beautiful RGB notification LED, which is both well integrated into the Xperia Z2’s design and easy to spot. The notification light is one of my favourite aspects of Android, and I enjoy seeing these clever implementations. I am so looking forward to getting a Z2 and using that magnificent 20.7mp camera…which makes it all the better to see me , in pics :)) @saraseth12

  24. It has actually a serious number of good features, but the best would be it has a 20.7mp camera, with auto focus and this camera can also record 4k video.

      1. Got too excited about reading while soaking…. but here goes:

        1) HD 10.1” Full HD TRILUMINOS™ Display (with X-Reality for mobile) for razor sharp image quality

        2) Hi-Res Audio – reduces distortion and will let me listen to music the way it was meant to be heard

        3) Has a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor – 75% faster than the S4 Pro and gives you maximum power and speed with outstanding battery time

        4) Can act as an universal TV remote

        5) 8MP camerathat can take HD pics 🙂

  25. My favourite feature would have to be the 3GB of RAM but there are other features just as amazing, such as the awesome notification light, incredible 20.7 mp camera, shatterproof glass and universal remote. All in all an outstanding piece!

  26. Omg best giveaway ever. My laptop is held up with tape and I’ve been trying to find the best tab out there on a budget as a replacement -this was my on my wishlist!!.

    Ok so my reason(s) for loving this (moving soon so some of this is moving related): the sleekness is perfect for carrying around with me and wont take up space in my new little flat (439g whaaaat!), the camera with 20.7 MP is amazing for capturing all the moments and surroundings in my new life to share with my family and friends, shatterproof because moving accidents, and all alone in a new place I am going to have to be researching the area,ordering things a lot and basically using my tab for everything so a 2.3Ghz Quad-core Processor +3 GB of Ram would be incredible.

    Crossing fingers 🙂

  27. i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want this for christmas in anticipation i went to vodacom i love that the sony xperia Z2Tablet has a best-in-class 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon801processor. 3GB of RAM 16GB of internal memory. its like talking dirty to a tech geek! this would just make my year.

  28. That high-resolution 10.1” Full HD TRILUMINOS™ Display gives me all kinds of feels, it would really make my sneaky series watching that more enjoyable.. And if the zombies ever do try and attack that Ultra-thin design would make a great head-chopping weapon, I mean it is waterproof after all..

  29. I like: 1. The 8 MP camera with Exmor RS™ sensor.
    2. The Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Charging Pad BSC10.
    3. The DUAL SHOCK 3 PS Wireless Controller.
    4. The 2 MP front-facing HD chat camera.

    I would love to win this one.

  30. I love the fact it is durable and one can use it with wet fingers. Having 2 children it’s important to me that it is strong for bumps etc

  31. i’d win this for my wife – to go with the display and wifi setup, for screening tutorials at the school she teaches (community school). Bluetooth remote and miracast capability > less cables. water RESISTANT (not waterproof) means kids with sticky/wet hands won’t matter (as with the current laptop setup). and it can sync with her current android mobile phone.
    miracast/chromecast is probably the best feature given the required use. long battery life to support that for the duration of a schoolday!!

  32. Ah, I totally would have picked the waterproof feature as my best cause I am a little clumsy and like reading in the bath or next to a pool. BUT, my other favorite feature: the 8mp camera with the sensor for taking sharp pictures in any light 🙂

  33. i would love to win this the best feature is the amazing battery life!!
    leaving me plenty time to take selfies anywhere i go everywhere i go its
    soo sleek thin and perfect for my handbag this tablet is the revolution
    of all things aweome its gona save me time in terms of standing in long
    ques at campus for a computer

    1. Hi Yaseera, sadly you have been disqualified. Please read the post (it includes the competition requirements and will make it clear why your answer cannot be entered).
      Sorry 🙁

      1. aaww shoot!! i didnt read any of it i just saw the last part i guess i was so excited to get started, this sucks, aw well lesson learnt the hard way

  34. omg i can play games with it!!!! brownie points!!! ps4 remote play!!! oh did i mention anywhere in my home! hello revolution

  35. battery life its sleek and thin only Weight439 g (15.49 oz) and the best of all its dust proof and water resistant over 1 meter and 30 minutes

    1. Hi Ansie, your entry is going to be judged on your Weight comment only. It was clearly stated in the post that you couldn’t use Waterproof or battery life in your answer.

  36. My favourite featuresnare the 8MP camera and Triluminos display – the colours look awesome! My least favourite feature is that I don’t own one yet 😛

  37. The world’s slimmest and lightest waterproof tablet and TRILUMINOS Display for mobile and Live Colour LED, this is amazing, im all about nature pictures and the adventure junkie i feel with this i can take a picture upload it almost instantly wherever i am in the mountains or dangling of a cliff and it helps alot that its light! its a mission to carry lots of items for a hike or swim

  38. My favourite feature is the impressive battery life! There is nothing
    worse than settling in to work or read with your tablet, only to find
    that the battery is too low or that it’s gone dead. For long flights and
    work obligations, this feature is my favourite!

  39. 802.11 ac wifi for a more seamless experience using PS4 remote play and it helps reduce buffering on video streamed over the network.

  40. the pre-loaded PlayStation app makes for perfect mobile gaming anywhere and anytime and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor provides a better gaming experience with excellent graphics

  41. Being able to up your data storage with a micro SD would come in really handy, especially when travelling as maps are really large files a lot of the time.

  42. fingers and toes crossed!!! been dreaming about this, cant believe a tablet like this ever existed, this devise is so gona be my future

  43. Haven’t jumped into the tablet waters but now seeing a waters that preforms like this, I might just do so soon. Love that quad core processor.

  44. Favourite feature – PS4 remote play. Pretty awesome for mobile gaming! How much more exciting will The Sims be? I just can’t even.

    Then second favourite feature – 8 MP camera that can take sharp pictures in any light because hellooooo, selfies 😀

  45. I already have the Xperia Z1 and absolutely love it. The Z2 tablet has an awesome camera and great video quality which would be so handy for those holiday pics.

  46. My best feature would have to be the 8 MP camera with Exmor RS™, because the Exmor RS helps you take beautifully brilliant pictures with low noise level, even in low light conditions…how cool is that? I would love to have this! plus it will be my first interaction with civilization 🙂 never owned a android or windows device 🙁 …. *opens arms to receive this*

  47. All the books I can carry in my bag without the weight – communication , size matters as my eyes aren’t so good anymore – hoping for this

  48. I love the PS4 remote play, the camera and the fact that you can use this tablet as a laptop 🙂

  49. Gosh, it’s just so damn sexy! And clearly has everything I could possibly need to keep me connected and at work, even when I’m busy being taxi driver, soccer mom, chef, doctor, mistress and homework doer…
    I love that it’s super slim and won’t weigh me down, since I have more than enough stuff to carry around for 5 people.
    Also, full HD video recorder for all those school plays, birthday parties and blackmail material for all the 21sts to come.
    Shatterproof glass, so the endless fights about whose turn it is won’t end in tears and smacked bums…
    Fingers crossed like crazy!

  50. One Touch Connectivity to share photos, music, files etc with any compatible device; streaming music wirelessly to any compatible headphones/speakers; stream content from Z2 to a TV by simply touching the Z2 to a Sony BRAVIA TV remote; the Personal Content Station – a wireless hub for storing all photos/videos/music etc

  51. this Sony Xperia Z2 got me all insomniac just thinking of all the great things i can do with it! not only will this be a amazing Christmas present i just completed my degree in teaching it would make my graduation! and my parents can finally take a decent video of the ceremony with the full HD video recording great memories to keep, i specialize in grade 3-7 english and natural science and was just thinking how i can incorporate this in school for english instead of drawing flash cards i can use the tablet to show them word as a flash card saves resource which they can write on and its n exciting tool that will keep them interesting and for natual science i can finally take them outside to show them certain process like the photosynthesis and while im outside show them a live video of how it happens and they can identify what the with the real plants, and for the year end christmas party with the amount of recent technology as vivid as the Sony Xperia Z2 in terms of fast network and inernal space i can make personalized Christmas cards and email it to everyone!! got me all excited here

  52. I love this feature “This gaming tablet works as a powerful universal remote that enables you
    to control devices all over the home. Power on the TV, change the songs
    coming from your Bluetooth speaker, share content to other devices. Do
    it all from the Xperia Z2 tablet – your one-stop control centre”

  53. I think one really awesome feature is that it is waterproof! Perfect for a beach vacation or one in the snow 🙂

      1. Oh gosh I feel stupid now. Read the post, skimmed the rules, but no problem, there are obviously Techy people that REALLY want it 🙂

  54. There are so many great features, but the ones that stand out for me are Full HD video recording and the PS4 remote play.

  55. Sony PS4 Remote Play and Android KitKat 4.4.4 (upgradable to Lollipop). One more should be HTML5 running at 3GB RAM, that’s some hella smooth browsing!

  56. As a developer the Quadcore @ 2.3GHz with the Andreno GPU and Android Kit-Kat with developer tools enabled will make apps and web apps allot easier to build, also the Shatterproof Glass will help when i client gets butter fingers.

    Side note with the specs of this tablet the gamer in me would really enjoy BF4 commander more along with some Halo Spartan Assault fun, plus with all the next-gen games having buddy play via tablet its going to be epic.

  57. What I find really impressive about the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is that you’re giving it away for free!

    I am cautious that you may toss my comment into the TL;DR bin so I will try to be brief (but I have to show how much I want it, right?).

    Please. Please. Please have mercy on me. I have no gadgets to keep myself sane in the dark.

    I am a modest man who cannot afford luxuries of electronic gadgets any more. Honestly, the last trinket I’ve bought myself was some Lego which I share unselfishly with my kids. Most of my money goes towards spoiling my wife with flowers and buying Pampers nappies and Toys R Us wet wipes. I’m a simple husband and father of two and a half kids, all below the age of four (no, not including my wife, that would be weird). When the latest little ankle-biter enters the world in 2015 my wife and I will have a three-body problem and we’ll need a method of keeping the older two occupied while we attend to the new one from time-to-time.

    Enter an electronic tablet! Load up Youtube on the Z2’s 10.1″ TRILUMINOS display and crank up the Hi-Res Audio and we’ll have my two underlings blissfully watching the Frozen music video for hours – many hours, thanks to the STAMINA mode. Praise the technogods for modern technology – I won’t even need to worry about load-shedding thanks to the in-built LTE (? results may vary but I’m optimistic) support. Sod off, Eskom! Who needs you anyway, am I right???

    Even when it comes to eventually wrenching the tablet away from my son Arthur (“Future Springbok Captain”) his vice grip will be no harm to the scratch resistant screen, all the while ironically shouting for him to “Let it go! Let it go!”.

    And once that’s all done, I’m hoping to get a chance to boot into Disqus and change my really bizarre avatar (yes, the “Turban Fury” avatar you see is NOT by choice … I have no idea how that even happened. Must have been because I’m not using a Sony)…

  58. Well I wouldn’t say no to winning a new Android tablet that is this sweet. The feature that I really find that is super “Lekker” is the Dual Shock 3 Support. This will make my mobile gaming even more epic.

  59. My favorite feature has to be the SPEED of this device, the Qualcomm®
    Snapdragon™ 801 processor. You are able to run multiple apps
    simultaneously, surf the
    web with little loading time and stream videos without a break. The
    streaming videos without a break is very important to me as I am able to
    livestream my football and rugby matches when i’m not home. Awesome device, I will love it 🙂

  60. I love that the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is thin, light and has an 8.1MP camera amongst a whole host of exciting features. I would love, love, love this baby as it’s perfect for working outdoors during summer – it will make working during the holidays not feel like working at all.

  61. My favourite feature is the PS4 remote play – can someone say amaze-a-balls!!! This = fun on the go…at your fingertips…QUITE LITERALLY!!! Omg!!!

  62. Hi again Sam,

    Still keeping it short and sweet, the gamer in me loves the fact that it has PS4 remote play! = )

  63. The Sony Xperia z2 is the world’s slimmest and lightest tablet which
    means my arms won’t get tired holding it. I will be able to take it
    everywhere with me and take photos with the 8 MP camera with Exmor RS™
    sensor that takes sharp pictures in all sorts of lighting. It is durable
    (I have two little ones so this a huge bonus), dust and scratch

    My husband will love the PS4 remote play with 10
    finger multitouch (but lets not tell him about that as I may never be
    able to get it back!) I know my little ones would have so much fun
    playing children’s app games. (Oh dear, I don’t know if I would ever get
    a turn if I won this). It has 3GB of Ram which is brilliant because
    trust me with the amount of photo’s and video’s I take of my family I
    will definitely need it.

    It has a 2 MP front-facing HD chat
    camera which is what I REALLY LOVE THE MOST. I will be able to skype my
    brother in New Zealand who has just had a baby. The Sony Xperia is super
    fast so there will be no lagging during our conversation and I will be
    able to hear him and his family clearly with the brilliant audio. It
    will feel like old times as though they are in the same room as me. I
    can even phone him using the Bluetooth Remote with Handset Function.

    would never, ever, in a million years ever be able to afford a tablet
    especially one as brilliant, fantastic, genius, innovative and as
    beautiful as this and I cannot express how much I REALLY REALLY REALLY
    REALLY REALLY REALLY DESPERATELY want and need this tablet. It would be
    the most amazing thing in the entire universe to win it. I’ve never been
    able to do somersaults but if I won this, I think I would manage quiet
    easily. So please, please, please, please I beg you, make my Christmas
    wish come true.

  64. I hate hunting for different apps – I want the apps I use most often right at the top of the list. This little beauty does just that! If you swipe inwards from the left it allows you to choose how to arrange your apps. Either most used or last downloaded. I also love the AR function where I can doodle and add animations to my pictures. I can already imagine the fun pictures I could share! The idea of the speed with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor also seriously tickles my fancy – Like I said – I’m VERY impatient!

  65. just over 2 hours left and the excitement is just to much, so many ideas i have to use this amazing sony xperia tablet its limits extends far beyond any tablet with its great features make not only my Christmas make my year and make my graduation and my future students learning an unforgettable experience

  66. Without getting too mushy here.. My favourite feature is definitely the 2MP HD front camera. My parents and younger siblings moved the Kenya a few weeks ago and right now I can’t imagine anything better than being able to catch up with all of them over a good quality video chat.

  67. it’s 15days till Xmas – with all the holidays, i am assuming we’re closing in on the announcement. 😛
    just saying… haha

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