Magnet lets you annoy your boyfriend ALL THE TIME

I couldn’t think of a better title. I tried. I swear. In my hunt to find wearable tech that doesn’t resemble a smartwatch strapped to an arm (see: all the big commercial wearables being released) I’ve stumbled on Magnet. It’s one of those gadgets I’m so not sure about but had to share anyway.

The idea would be that you’d get two pendant type devices. One for you, one for your partner. You sync it with an app and then go off on your merry way. Now he’s at work, you miss him, you want him to know you’re thinking of him, you gently caress your magnet…. it lights up and vibrates on his side. It’s a simple and yet extremely personal way to communicate. Touch is intimate and this way you can share that intimacy even when you’re apart.


Magnet is still in the development phase and they’re running a Kickstarter at the moment. I can imagine over protective moms might love this one for their kids (so they can see how much she loves them!) and, if your boyfriend is ignoring your text when he is out on a boys’ night you can poke your Magnet repeatedly until he gets the picture.

According to the Kickstarter page you can wear Magnet around your neck, arm or as an eye patch (but this isn’t recommended). I think they may have missed a possibly lucrative market. It’s a small vibrating pendant type device…. I imagine a few kinky couples (or attempting long distance) looking to spice up their love life might find other places to possibly keep their Magnet. It is water resistant as well (take that how you please).

If you think this the perfect gift for your boyfriend this Christmas head on over here and add some funds to the Kickstarter. If you go with the $37 or more option remember me when you get your AVO Tank Top… I think those are rather rad and would like one.




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