3 apps to get you through the holiday season

The time has come to almost stop working and start preparing for your summer vacation. This is a glorious time of year that occurs from about the 16th of December where every South African is on a go-slow and thoughts of the office are put aside until January the 5th. Here are 3 apps to get you through the holiday season.

theres an app for that

Most of us let go over the festive season and indulge in long lunches, awesome braais and way too many mince pies. And let’s not forget the food coma that ensues after Christmas lunch. To stay in shape why not try Gym Shamer. It’s creators pointed out that the problem with most fitness apps is that they rely on your motivation, but with Gym Shamer if you don’t workout your entire social media network will know. And remember even if you do delete the posts, screenshots are forever.


Gym Shamer, an app that shames you into working out.
Gym Shamer, an app that shames you on social media if you skip a workout. Need motivation? There’s an app for that.

Cracking open the first beer by 11am and going on a game drive or indulging in a few too many mojitos at lunch could mean that by 4 o’ clock you are looking at your phone telling yourself that it is a good idea to call your ex and see how they are doing. Enter an app that could save you your dignity – Drunk Dial No! Simply add those contacts that you may call but really shouldn’t and the app does the rest.  The 24 hour lockdown begins and you get to party guilt free.

Drunk Dial No! Avoid those embarrassing calls and messages
Not everyone needs a call from you this festive season.

Getting snap happy over the holiday season is a must.  While you could spend hours taking the same picture to get the right shot, why not save yourself some time and smile.  An amazing smile can save any photo and the key to mastering a smile is clean teeth. The Toothbrush Fitness app tells you everything you need to do to make your pearly whites the centre of attention.

Take brushing your teeth to a whole new level.
Make your pearly whites the centre of attention. And yes there’s an app for that.


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