Why I now use a tablet to make videos

I have two personal smartphones (yup, two. They have separate and important functions… Swear). I have a laptop. On some occasions I have a few extra daily gadgets thrown in for review. I don’t need a tablet right?

I thought I didn’t but recently I have found that a decent tablet fits really well into my life.

In my free time (snort) I like to convince horses to jump over brightly coloured poles. I am a competitive showjumper at open level and it is a passion of mine. I take it pretty seriously and work extremely hard at it. Showjumping is a finicky sport. The slightest body movement can cause you to drop a rail and end with faults (the idea is to keep all the jumps UP). I recently competed at the Burlington Cup. I usually video myself on my phone but was finding it difficult to view my errors on a smaller display screen.

With that in mind I took along the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. It took a few minutes to show my mom how to use it and voila! We got my round recorded:

The 10.1″ display made it far easier to view my round. There was clearly an issue towards the end of the track when I knocked a pole. But what did I do wrong? TheSony Xperia Z2 tablet comes with a movie editor included and it works a treat.

First I trimmed to the point of the error.


Then I slowed it down.


You can clearly see how I lean forward in the second last stride.

How useful? An added benefit is that it is also waterproof so even in the rain I can have my rounds recorded o help me improve. I can’t afford a fancy video recorder (horses eat alot) so the Sony Xperia Z2 just snuck it’s way into my day to day life…or at least horseshows!

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