Throw away your phone – Puls is here

I don’t think smartwatches are smart. They all rely on a Bluetooth connection to your phone. So really, without the phone they’re just…. watches!


But that is about to change. Will. i. am (yes, that dude from Black Eyed Peas) launched his Puls smartwatch last week. Speaking at the Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference Will showed off a rather sexy looking cuff. The Puls doesn’t rely on a phone. It has a touch screen and can connect to your cellular network by itself (winning!). So with the Puls you can send text messages, make calls, play music and tweet! The only downside is that the battery only lasts for 5 hours. That’s about as much as we have right now and we don’t even know pricing but Will is quoted as saying “it will be affordable”. Before you get excited keep in mind that the guy’s “tech” company sells iPhone covers that retail at more than R3000. His definition of affordable may be a bit different to yours and mine.

I’m never excited about wearables… but I am now. Let Will. i. am explain and tell me if you aren’t excited too:


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