How to choose car insurance (and not get it royally wrong!)

I love technology and gadgets. I love how much easier everything is with a little bit of technology. However, there is one giant gadget that terrifies me – cars. From the buying bit right through to the driving bit, I’ve had one to many bad experiences when the technology under the hood failed me, miserably. However, because most of my day is spent on Joburg’s highways, staying away from having a car isn’t an option.

Once you have the car you need car insurance. Getting comprehensive car insurance without breaking the bank is almost as awful as ending up in Carbonite (I’m taking Han Solo’s word on this). So what I really need to know is how to choose car insurance…. The secret? Bobble heads. When I heard about what this car insurance company does, I seriously considered applying for a job there.


I don’t envy car insurance salesmen. It is likely the hardest job in the world. I’m sure they get phones slammed in their ears on a daily basis and, unless they have exceptional persuasive skills, their chances of success are slim.

So in order to encourage sales staff to hit and exceed their targets, King Price Insurance gives each employee a unique bobble head when they start. These are then given names and put on a large game board in the sales room. When targets are hit and sales are closed, the employee is allowed to move their bobble head closer to the centre of the board. Not only does this remind staff about healthy competition, it also leads to a notable incentive for the month.


Founder, Gideon Galloway, says that in an industry with high staff turnover, he is putting all systems in place to boost longevity.

These are my four favourite King Price bobble heads, so that is how I shall determine my car insurance broker. Betty Boop I choose you!



If you’re keen to help these bobble heads move forward, as well as guarantee your insurance will decrease every month, you can find out more here.

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