A cheaper smartwatch option

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t get smartwatches. For the most part they’re annoying and I don’t think they serve any purpose whatsoever. Once you’ve blown more than R3500 on a Samsung Gear 2 or reportedly more than R4000 on the Apple Watch, you’ll find if your phone is not within Bluetooth range your fancy smart watch is not so smart.

However, if you MUST have a smartwatch I recently got a chance to play with a cheaper smartwatch option. I spent a few weeks with the COGITO range of watches and was suitably impressed (or as impressed as someone can be with a smartwatch).


The COGITO watches connect with iPhones and Android devices. You download an app on your phone and sync the two together. From there you can select what notifications you want on the watch, including social media notifications or incoming calls.

There are two COGITO options. The first is known as COGITO CLASSIC . What I really liked about this watch is that it has a certain sophistication to it so, if works rather nicely as a watch and the smart bit is just a benefit. Here’s what it offers:

  • Caller ID
  • One year battery life (yay, no more charging every night)
  • Camera remote
  • 100m water resistant
  • Music remote
  • Phone Finder

While these watches are gorgeous they weren’t designed for female wrists. Look how big it is!

cogito3 cogito4

Here’s the thing, the classic is going to hit your pocket at R2499. Still not cheap enough right? Agreed. That’s why I actually think the COGITO POP is a really clever way to make smartwatches accessible to a much wider audience.


The POP watches come in a host of fun colours and are rather versatile. I lived in the white one and put it through the ringer – never a problem. It costs about R1299 and offers up:

  • SMS option
  • 100m water resistant
  • Email notifications
  • Show incoming and missed calls
  • Remote camera and music control
  • Phone finder
  • One year battery life


Did I like the COGITO POP? Yes. Would I buy one? Honestly? No. I don’t see the point. But, if you like to have your phone vibrating on your wrist in the middle of a back massage reminding you that someone from the office is trying to reach you – then the POP is a cheaper smartwatch option that gets the job done. You can find them at select Vodacom stores, Incredible Connection and Dion Wired.

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