How to delete Instagram comments

How many times have you typed an Instagram comment only to realise it is riddled with typos (thanks autocorrect!)? Maybe you’re just tired of bots and weirdos adding their views to your pics or possibly want to get rid of offensive comments. If you weren’t sure how to delete Instagram comments, we thought we’d give you a quick run through. Sadly there is no way to edit your views though. You will need to delete and start again.

How to delete Instagram comments on your Android:

Tap the little speech bubble as if you’re going to add a new comment.


Tap and hold the comment you want to delete and voila! options appear:


How to delete Instagram comments on your iPhone:

Click on the comment option beneath the photo and then swipe left over the comment you want to remove (a bit like Tinder right?). Some options will now appear. To delete click the trashcan and to report abuse select “Delete & Report abuse”. Oh and that little arrow next to the trashcan allows you to make an in-line reply.

How to delete Instagram comments on your Windows Phone:

This option isn’t available yet. You’ll likely need to use Instagram’s web option.

How to delete Instagram comments on the webpage:

Go to your instagram page (usually it is instagram.com/your user name). Log in, find the photo and comments you want to delete, hover your cursor over the comment and a small cross will appear next to it. If you click it you’ll then be able to select delete.


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