Cars made from Tomatoes

No, really!

In a clever twist of innovation, Ford has partnered up with Heinz (you know, the OTHER tomato sauce brand) to investigate using tomatoes to build car parts.

You still don’t believe us do you? We’ll explain: Ford and Heinz researchers are exploring the idea of using tomato fibre to develop “sustainable bioplastic material” for vehicles. I.e. storage bins, wiring brackets and other similar bits and pieces that go into making your car well, your car.

There’s a bit of a win win here really. Car manufacturers get a lot of stick for the damage they cause to the environment (both their processes and the finished product). If these investigations are successful they’ll immediately lower the environmental impact of their cars. Heinz also wins because they then have a new means to recycle and repurpose the extra Tomato bits they don’t use – like stems and skins.

Still playing Ketchup (see what we did there)? This infographic says everything we just did; only it’s prettier:


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