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New Pokemon dropped!

All new Pokemon for the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

Last year I binged Pokemon Shield. I streamed it weekly and gave a giant chunk of hours towards catching all the Pokemon and working my way through the Galar Region. The game provided hours of fun and on completing it there was still a huge amount you could do: including catching more Pokemon and online battles. However, I’ll be the first to admit that once I was done with the story I didn’t really return to Galar. There was a feeling of contentment having completed and so I moved on (to Animal Crossing if I’m honest).

A whole new story

However, the great thing about the Pokemon Sword and Shield franchise is that they’ve introduced DLC content to the game. What this means is you can spend money on all new downloadable content including new storylines and regions to explore. The first DLC to release was Isle of Armor, which dropped on June 17th, with more DLC planned. The best part of Isle of Armor though? A whole new bunch of Pokemon was released with the game. A bunch of old favourites joined the mix. There’s more than 100 Pokemon now in the mix. However, my favourites are definitely the brand new never seen before Pokemon that are now available. I thought I’d share who they are with you, so you can decide if adding them to your team might be worth the download (quick FYI, Isle of Armor costs roughly around R500).


These are the 4 brand new Pokemon that you can discover in Isle of Armor:

Galarian Slowbro

Pokemon Shield DLC

Slowbro has actually always been one of my favourite Pokemon. I even grabbed a Slowbro Plushy when I was in Japan and visited the giant Pokemon store. He’s now in the Pokemon Shield DLC but with some changes. Basically, Galarian Slowpoke is not just psychic. He has been able to gain poison attacks because of that Shellder biting down on his arm. Basically much like Spiderman, the Shellder bite set off a chemical reaction and now, he’s got some extra powers. He’s also pretty bad ass, sometimes the Shellder bites a bit harder and this annoys the Slowbro who begins to react by swinging his arm around and smashing stuff. SLOWBRO SMASH. He’s pretty rad.


Pokemon Shield DLC

At the start of the story in Isle of Armor you get a sneaky easter egg, with Kabfu casually spying on you from a roof top. The little sneaky ninja pokemon is 2 parts adorable but one part hard core. Kabfu notoriously live in mountains far away from all the chaos of the region. They’re fighting Pokemon with an immense inner focus. So expect a hard battle. Kabfu can also evolve, which brings us to the third new Pokemon introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC….


Pokemon Shield DLC

There are two types of Urshifu available. The first is a single strike style Urshifu that combines fighting type with dark type. You’re looking at a direct rushing attack type fighting style. The rapid strike style Urshifu is a more defensive play that combines fighting type with water type. The counter attack from this strike style incorporates rapid attacks that have formed after observing your opponent’s original attack. Not going to lie, I’m getting bad boy peacock vibes from Urshifu.

You can download the DLC, if you have the game, in the Nintendo eShop. It is tons of fun and has kept me very busy during loadshedding. If you’ve had a chance to play I’d love to know who your favourite of the new Pokemon is? I’m still on that Slowbro train… till the end! Haha.

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