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All your Animal Crossing New Horizons newbie questions answered

tips and tricks to help you get further in game

I’ve been on an Animal Crossing New Horizons binge fest since the new game released on Nintendo Switch. If you’re completely new to the Animal Crossing world, let me explain:

Animal Crossing New Horizons is, for want of a better term, a life simulation game. You play as the only human amongst a variety of fun creatures as you work together to build an island paradise. You’ve got Tom Nook the crook constantly giving you things and then suddenly asking for money, as well as a bunch of other cute characters along the way.

It’s the easiest game to get into and relatively simple to play. It will suck hours of your life away and it is completely worth it. As an Animal Crossing noob myself, there were a few key things I struggled with along the way. I’ve created a series of video tutorials to help you if you’re faced with the same issues. I also thought I’d drop them all here to make life a little bit easier.

First up: How to get more iron nuggets

Early on in the game Tommy & Timmy need your help to build a little shop for you. They request a host of materials. For me, the hardest to source was iron nuggets. You need to give them 30 pieces. This trick worked best for me:

Why your trees aren’t growing

I planted so many fruit trees right at the start of my adventure in Animal Crossing and could not understand why none of them were growing. After chatting to a few friends, it was apparent that I needed to change stuff up. If your trees aren’t growing – here’s what you need to do:

Sending gifts to friends

My favourite part about Animal Crossing (because I’m possibly a bit weird) is wrapping up presents and sending them to friends. It is also really easy to do – here’s a helpful step by step guide on how to get gifts to them:

Time to customise your clothes

By now you’ve settled into the game, you kind of know what’s up and you want to deep dive a bit more into the joys of Animal Crossing. Which includes the option to import a host of funky clothing designs that can be community created or copied (think Batman outfits). When I first heard you could do this I panicked a bit and presumed it would be extremely difficult. Turns out, it really isn’t, here’s how to do it:

A little trick about Money Trees

My final video in the series is for established players looking for a bit more fun in the game. There’s a rad little option to grow money trees. In this video I go through everything you need to know to get the perfect money tree to grow. It should help a lot!

For now, that’s it. I really enjoyed making this series of videos and adding a bunch of fun stuff to the mix. So if you want to see more let me know – just tell me the questions you have around the game and I’ll try answer them. 




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