Corona Part 7: How we’re dealing with the lockdown extension

Whatever you do, just don't cut your own bangs

Yoh guys, I have hit a few lows this week. Shit got real really, really fast. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have good moments or laugh my ass off. I keep on thinking back to one of my favourite quotes “This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.” Here are some of the things I laughed at this week.

Whatever you do, don’t cut bangs

As our real hair colour starts to emerge and our hair gets a little bit longer than we’d like, you may be tempted to cut your own hair.

Whatever you’re going through, resist the urge to cut your own hair with kitchen scissors after you skipped through a YouTube video. And before you say I’d never do that, remember that Google search stats tell a different story.

google search results how to cut your own hair

If you are up to cutting your own or someone else’s hair that you are currently in lockdown with, there is a service that can help.  You Probably Need A Haircut costs US$18 (R336)  and gets you a one-on-one with a hairdresser who will coach you through cutting your own hair. Although the reviews seem positive, I don’t have the type of self-confidence to pull off cutting my own hair.

I think box hair dye is OK as long as you are not covering expensive salon highlights or trying to go blonde when you have brown hair. Those kinds of things are best left to the pros. Now is not the time to go purple.

Footage of me trying to get fit during lockdown

If you are interested in exercising, check out this list of free programs and apps that can help. I’ve been doing yoga on Downward Dog and HIIT on the 7 Minute Workout app (don’t judge) that is free until May 1st.

In THIS economy?

You know how when you feel slightly unwell and go straight to the ‘rona?


That’s video calling and work from home to those not in the know.

Houseparty had over 50m sign-ups in March. Fun fact – the app was bought by Fortnite maker Epic Games last year.

If working from home has got you missing the office, then check out this site that brings you sounds of the office. You can even adjust the noise according to the number of colleagues.

There really needs to be a word for that fear you have while on a group call and you really hope you don’t unknowingly have the camera or mic on and commit some faux pas.


Brands be like…


covid 19 email poem

This groundhog eating a pizza is the only video you EVER need to see

Thanks, ClaireS for sending this to me. I watched it like 3 times in a row and it just made me so darn happy.




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