Visiting the Pokemon Mega Centre

I’m currently in Tokyo, Japan for the #AnimeJapan conference happening this weekend. I’ll get into the anime stuff as the week progresses BUT on my off time this morning I did something pretty damn epic and I want to share it with you.


I visited the Pokemon Mega Centre here in Tokyo and it was so freaking rad. I cannot put into works how incredible this spot is so I decided to vlog the entire thing instead. Here’s all the Pokemon things your heart could possibly desire:

There are a stack of huge Pokemon figures around the store. My favourite was definitely the Pikachu riding a Charizard. How rad?

pikachu charizard

Mewtoo was pretty epic as well:

Let me know if you spot anything you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE in the video. As you can tell by the first image I made sure I bought ’em all! Lol. That’s actually a fraction of what I came back with – but a lot of the items were gifts so not sharing all of them just yet.



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