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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been hosting a series of live question and answer sessions on the Predator Gaming Instagram page. The series specifically focuses on the team they’re currently partnered with – Goliath Gaming. Quick segue here, Goliath Gaming actually turned 3 years old on the weekend and it was so cool to reminisce about their launch, which I was lucky enough to cover. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Goliath Gaming team on a host of projects as well as at various esports events around the country. I’ve watched the organisation grow and the players.

Thabo Moloi
I rate this is probably the best photo I’ve ever taken so wanted to include it here.

That’s why the live question and answer sessions were so fun for me to do – I had followed the stories of many of the Goliath Gaming personalities for years and it was an opportunity for me chat candidly to these players about their journeys and share their experiences with a new audience. I think it is great that Predator Gaming allowed us the platform to have these discussions. Even though they were all done live, we saved the stories to the IG TV section of the Predator Gaming account. I thought I’d share all 5 conversations here so you can catch up. They’re roughly 10 to 20 min long each. I’ll give you a little explanation about each as well so you can decide what to watch:

The first live video was with Ashton “Golz” Muller, who is the founder of GG, an ex pro player who travelled overseas and now a shoutcaster. He explained his journey, how he started and how he was able to develop from playing to now running a competitive organisation:

I first met Shiaan on my trip to Dubai with Goliath Gaming. He has such a calm confidence and focus that I found fascinating. He also has a wicked sense of humour. I wanted to present to him questions that allowed that part of his personality to shine. He chatted about getting in to FIFA and how to start competing:

JabhiM is a professional Street Fighter player who has travelled to Japan to compete. I’ve had the opportunity to interview him numerous times and also run analyst desks while he is competing. Jabhi has remarkable mental fortitude and getting himself “in the zone”. In this interview he shared some of his techniques and gave insight in to handling nerves:

I still remember one of my first YouTube videos was Lighterz trying to teach me how to play CSGO. Gosh it was HORRIBLE. I mean I was horrible but Lighterz was a fab coach even back then. Lighterz has been a top level player and shoutcaster. He is now coaching the GG team and provided an interesting conversation around what esports coaching actually entails:

The final interview in the #PoweredByPredator series was one I did with South African FIFA player Julio ‘Beast’ Bianchi. I’ve tried to figure out how to put this one into words and describe it to you. But I can’t. Its arguably an interview I’d mark as one of the best I’ve done, in my career. Just because of how candid and open Julio was about his journey and his experiences. I think if I had to stop doing any sort of esports work tomorrow this would be up there with some of the highlights from my career:





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