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Last week ASUS South Africa decided to go big and drop not 1 but FIVE new laptops for the South African market. South African laptop fans were suddenly spoilt for choice with a host of devices each suited for very specific cases. I loved how this was done: rather than harp on about specs, ASUS chose to describe the type of person each laptop suited: from creatives to hardcore gamers, they had everyone covered.

ASUS Power Up

I’ve spoken about this launch already so if you want to find out a bit more about it and the 5 notebooks that were released then head on over here and catch up. What I wanted to do today was focus on my top 2 picks from the launch. These are the notebooks that I was interested in and thought were pretty cool. I’ve also followed the lead of ASUS and explained who I think these notebooks suit, to help you make the correct purchasing decision:

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Notebook

Perfect for:

The every day is a gaming day gamer

If you’re going to drop cash on a gaming notebook it obviously helps if you can use justify it for work as well. This is why I have the TUF Gaming A15 as one of my picks. It’s a great device to game on but would also easily allow you to work or use it for studies. Here’s why: It’s powerful enough to give you an optimal gaming experience. The TUF A15 has an AMD Ryzen Mobile 4000 Series CPU, GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, 144Hz display and adaptive sync to reduce lag, eliminate visual tearing and minimise stuttering BUT it also happens to actually be mobile. A lot of gaming notebooks are big and bulky, not this guy: You’re looking at a notebook with a smaller portable chassis so you can take it anywhere and not feel like you’re lugging a small overnight suitcase around. Also if you do set it up at home you’ll be able to turn it into a full on gaming rig – there are more than enough connection ports for all your peripherals and a second monitor. A big thing for me, if I’m travelling with a gaming notebook, is battery life. This little baby offers about around 8.7 hours of web browsing with its 90Wh battery. So you’ll be able to toss in a sneaky Dota game between meetings if you must.


You’re looking at a starting price of R19 999. Take a look on the Evetech website.

The ASUS Vivobook S14

ASUS Vivobook S14

Perfect for:

The girl on the move – the one that slays at work, pulls all the eyes at the club and never reins in her sass.

I love these little Vivobooks. They’re sleek, sexy and skinny. I also dig that you’re able to completely turn them into a reflection of your personality and style. The Vivobook S is available in four colour designs: Gaia Green, Resolute Red, Dreamy White and Indie Black. The notebooks also come with a series of stickers and laptop decals to really let your creativity free. When it comes to the aesthetics of the notebook – you’re looking at smooth lines and aluminium alloy finishes to give it a premium finish. The Vivobook S weighs less than 2kg and is super slim, so you can easily slip it into your handbag without too much of a worry. Even if it is smaller, you won’t compromise on your screen. It has an 88% screen to body ratio. It truly is designed for someone on the move, with a 15 hour battery and fast charging (meaning you can have it charged from 1 to 60% in less than 50 minutes). Another cute addition is how ASUS made the enter key yellow. The idea is just to allow you to stand out, to remind you that you’re different and that you only have to conform to the rules you want to play by.


The Vivobook S range starts at R17 999 and you can find out more on Evetech.

Happy laptop shopping!

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