The end of the year is here! November 2019 recap

This has become a staple on my blog now, a short recap of the month that was and what I got up to. I do these more as a reminder to myself than anything else, if I’m honest. I said it in the October recap but I’ll say it again, this works really well as a sort of reminder of what I’ve accomplished and a positive boost that I am enough (and that also, taking a week off really isn’t a bad thing because I do more than enough most days). It’s actually been REALLY weird being at home in South Africa for an entire month. I mean I travelled to Cape Town for an event but for the most part I’ve had time to just chill in my own house (and finally clean my damn cupboard – 3 bags of unused clothes ready to be donated!) and be a bit more present in the lives of my loved ones and family.

I suppose that is the downside to my job, a lot of my time is spent not really knowing if I’ll be around in the next few weeks or not. Most bookings are made a week or two before you’re meant to fly out, so it has been odd being able to say yes to invites and actually hang out with friends as opposed to saying “I’m on a plane but have fun.” I’m also using December and January to focus on my own stuff. Things like health checks and training in the gym. It’s odd having so much time to myself but I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

Despite being home for a month November was still jam packed. Here’s some of the rad stuff I got to do:


Being home has let me focus a bit more on my YouTube channel, which had hit a bit of a slump this year. I also got a chance to have my content aggregated on Brandhubb – while it wasn’t sponsored content I was paid a fee to aggregate it and thus could loop my friend Trinoc in to help edit and film some videos. We’ve done A LOT this month, so take a look:

I have a new found respect for YouTubers who are bashing out videos every day. I pitch up, film and then Trinoc does the editing but I find the filming alone, for four videos a month, exhausting. So kudos if you’re on that YouTube video grind!

A bunch of other stuff

I’ve been pretty busy with a few other projects this month. A few will only pop up in the upcoming months but I’m still pretty hype nonetheless.

I finally got to hang out with my friend Tolassmo and record some content for a project he is working on.

I did a live stream from the Hyperion Dev offices in Johannesburg to announce their #ChangeWithCode winners. Twitter live streaming was a first for me.

I also got to desk host the Redbull Hit the Streets Final in Cape Town at the start of the month. There’s a write up linked further down but WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. My favourite picture from the event was captured by Warren from ATK, this was just as Jabhi won the competition and secured a flight to Tokyo, Japan to compete in the last chance qualifier for Redbull Kumite!

There was also a quick QnA with me in The Star newspaper this month. My mom got really excited – she likes seeing me in old school media like newspapers and magazines. Lol!

Things I wrote

So there is stacks of content on Redbull esports from me this month. I went a bit esports content grind mad with my down time. I also did some Brandhubb link ups to my videos. So here’s everything you might have missed:

What Sword and Shield means for SA’s competitive Pokemon Players – featured on Redbull Esports. A break down of the new title and the local competitive scene.

South African Sim Racing gets another boost – featured on Redbull Esports. An interview with White Rabbit Gaming who signed George “GeeMax” Smith this month.

SA get ready: The Community invitational Call of Duty comp is coming – featured on Redbull Esports. All the details about the Summer Invitational that my friend Chantelle “ChaniZA” Alexander hosted.

ICYMI: What went down at Red Bull Hit the Streets – featured on Redbull Esports. A recap of the Hit the Streets competition.

Mango set to make his International debut – featured on Redbull Esports. An interview with Goliath Gaming’s latest CSGO player before they fly to Dreamhack Delhi.

For the Brandhubb content, you can head on over to their blog by clicking here to see a bit more of what I’ve been working on.

Shew, that’s it. I think. I’ll probably not do a December recap but maybe a year in review type thing? Haven’t decided yet. But I’m definitely taking a giant chunk of time OFF this month, so the blog will be quieter but I’ll be enjoying the South African sunshine. I’m really excited to just hit full on relaxation mode!  



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