Watch this and read that – some binge worthy series and books to sink your teeth into

This month I’ve had some time to catch up on a bunch of series and books I’ve been meaning to get through and thought I’d share a few that I think you might want to check out now that the holidays are in full swing.

The final season of Silicon Valley

sillicon valley final season

The final season of Silicon Valley comes to Showmax on the 9th of December. I remember watching the first season of this show years ago with my brother and laughing nonstop. I’d just finished working in a company that constantly referred to itself as a “start up” and fed every cliche in the book, which Silicon Valley now loudly points and makes fun of. I was lucky enough to be given a screener of the first four episodes of the season by HBO and I’m shook! I dig the direction the show seems to be going in before it wraps up and how it looks at serious topical current affairs which the zaney satire we’ve come to expect. Also everyone needs a Jarod in their lives.

His Dark Materials

I watched the first four episodes of this and was a bit meh. You’ll remember I wrote a review about them here. The one thing the show did was pique my curiosity so I went off and purchased all three books. I’m moving to the second book now and I’m absolutely hooked. Suddenly I realise how much the show actually covered in those four episodes and I’ve changed my opinion completely. It is streaming on Showmax and we get each new episode alongside the States. Make sure you watch this one and if you can, buy the books. They’re brilliant!

Kingdom of Lies

kingdom of lies review

I started reading this book by Kate Fazzini in November and recently finished it. It’s described as “Unnerving adventures in the world of cyber crime” and delves into the world of hackers. The book tells a host of stories of various hackers that Fazzini has met along the way (names changed obviously). The book itself is really interesting though because Fazzini writes it a bit more like a novel which I really enjoyed. Jumping from each individual’s story was fascinating but while you’re pulled into their world you start getting fed facts and information about the world of cybercrime currently. It’s a really good light read. Jump in if you can!

Peaky Blinders – Season 5

peaky blinders season 5 review
Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby) in Peaky Blinders | Series 5 (BBC One) | Episode 05
Photographer: Ben Blackall
© Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd. 2019

I was a bit worried Netflix wasn’t going to get this one, but then they got the 6 episode season and I binge watched it in a weekend. The show follows a gang in Birmingham after World War 1 and leading in to World War 2. It’s very dark and twisted so be sure you have a strong stomach for violence and blood. If you do though, it is written so well. You’ll hate the characters and love them at the same time. Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomon is so entertaining and Cillian Murphy’s performance as the main character, Thomas Shelby, is sublime. It’s an incredibly powerful show. My favourite part about Season 5 was that not one but TWO songs from British punk band Idles featured in the final episode. I’ve been loving their stuff this year so having them featured on the soundtrack was a bonus for me.


I’ve got a stack of books I’ve read or am currently reading that I want to share with you. To make it easier I set up a Goodreads account so you can see what else I suggest, or what I’m currently reading, by following me here: goodreads.com/techgirlza

If you have any shows or books you think I should be reading let me know in the comments and I’ll try check them out! 

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