Disney x Pandora

There’s Lion King jewellery now and I want it all!

I’m such an incredible sucker for film and television partnerships with cool brands. Remember the Game of Thrones make-up or those adorable Pokemon phone covers? I’m basically the person they make merch for because I want ALL THE THINGS. The life action The Lion King is no different. The Lion King has been one of my favourite movies since I was a kid and, at the time, I convinced my mom to drop some cash on silly merch. Remember those Lion King marbles you could collect? I had plenty. Turns out, when you get older your taste gets more expensive because my latest Lion King obsession has a bit more of a price tag but OH MY GOSH IT IS AMAZING.

The Disney X Pandora Jewellery Collection

Disney x PandoraPICTURE

Disney has an ongoing relationship with Pandora so I should have seen this one coming (I didn’t, but whatever). They’ve announced their beautiful The Lion King collection which dropped in stores earlier this month (July 2019). I actually have two Disney charms on my Pandora bracelet, both purchased for me by Player 2 and each with very special meaning. Whenever I travel I wear my bracelet, with each of my charms having a very special meaning and linking me to my loved ones. I feel like a Lion King one would be the perfect link back to Africa.

The Lion King Collection


Saying that, the crown ring might be my new obsession. I love wearing rings but have only 3 that I currently own. I can’t buy that cheap costume jewellery because my skin has a reaction. So I need to save up for the good stuff – like the crown ring! Haha.


You can probably tell by now that each piece in the collection has a distinctive tie back to the iconic characters of the Lion King. There’s also ties to key themes from the movie like bravery, friendship and strength. I love the strong golds and think there is a beautiful mix of African influence with 25 years of history (yes, the original movie came out 25 years ago – WHAT).

Here’s a few more of the pieces:

Disney x Pandora Disney x Pandora

These are all gorgeous. So if you’re a Lion King fan, you know what to add to your Gift list. Also if you have a specific fav let me know in the comments. Always curious about different tastes. Let’s drool over these beautiful pieces together. 

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