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Check out this amazing POKÉMON phone covers collab

For the most part Instagram advertising really pisses me off BUT once in like, a blue moon, I get an ad served to me that actually catches my interest. Once in like 5 blue moons the ad gets me to click. Once in 100 blue moons I buy. This might be the time I buy. Last week, on Instagram, I was made aware of the CASETiFY & Pokémon official collab (which launched a few days ago) and I’ve spent every day since browsing the online store trying to stop myself from BUYING ALL THE THINGS.

Introducing Day & Night

Popular phone cover company CASETiFY announced their latest capsule collection which was a collab with Pokémon. The collection officially dropped on 10 May and my understanding is that they’ll restock two or three times before the items no longer being available.

There is a range of different accessories available. There are cases for the Apple iPhone X, iPad and MacBook covers and really cut AirPod cases:

They’ve also added a few other mobile accessories including charging mats, card cases and ring holders.

Fully customisable

What I really loved about this entire collection is that almost everything is customisable. You can add your name to your cover, select the colours you want the covers to come in (gold is even an option!) and add your location as well. It means you can pretty much make something completely uniquely you:


While I’m in love with the customisation aspect there is definitely something even more special about the range of Pokémon you can add to your cover. This isn’t a normal “Pikachu I choose you” moment. They’ve got a stack of my favourites in the mix inluding Eevee, Snorlax, Squirtel, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mew, Jigglypuff and even Mewtwo:

So you have a far bigger selection of Pokemon to choose from AND you can customise the case. Win win if you ask me.

My top picks

My favourites in the collection were stand outs from the moment I saw the promotion. I absolutely love this leather cover with the sticker set Pokemon covering it:

I’m also obsessed with the neon covers they released. I think if I could choose I’d definitely want a Snorlax one:

But to be fair, I’m in love with almost all the items I saw in this range. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

How do I get them?

The only way to get your hands on the CASETiFY & Pokémon collab is to purchase on their site. As I mentioned before it is a capsule collection so the moment these are gone… they’re gone. So much of the good stuff is already sold out, including neon Snorlax and the Airpods cases. So if you do want to purchase in this first drop you’ll need to buy off the CASETiFY store as quickly as you can. Shipping to South Africa is always a bit of a hack but I chatted to the store and they do allow you to select a shipping option on check out. So instead of going through the local post office you can use DHL. The cases are pretty expensive. You’re looking at dropping around R600/R700 excluding shipping. I’m pretty annoyed at myself because I had early access and ummed and ahhed about purchasing – so all my favourites ended up selling out. Sad face.

Any items from the  that you love? Let me know in the comments below. We can all mouth water over rad Pokemon accessories together! 

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