The best engagement photobombs ever

I woke up yesterday and thought it was Friday. I had the feeling of excitement you get when you know you can wake up the next day without an alarm. Bliss. But then I got up and realized it was only Thursday. It’s been a long week and I’m so looking forward to the weekend. Make sure it’s a good one by easing into the weekend with all the interweb news you need to know. The important stuff like engagement photobombs.

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The best engagement photos ever

I have an issue with traditional engagement photos because I don’t see the point. But this is probably because I’ve never been engaged. Photoshopping Pennywise the clown from IT into an unsuspecting couple’s engagement photos is something I can definitely get behind.

IT pic 1 IT pic 2

Fiona photobombs an engagement pic

Fiona the Hippo is the sassiest hippo around and recently photobombed an engagement photo. I love how her mom or dad is giving them the evil eye in the back.

For more on Fiona, check out this previous Bytesized post. 

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There is a site called This Is Photobomb and there goes my day. You can thank me later. 

And let’s go straight to the wedding…

This is possibly the best photobomb ever. 

wedding photobomb

The stinkiest fruit in the world

The smell of Durian will always remind me of the supermarket Wellcome in Taiwan during the summer. When I first arrived I bought one to try it out and whenever the garbage truck came, we missed it so it lived outside my window on the roof for a few days. The only thing worse than fresh durian is 3-day old durian.

NASA sends fidget spinners into space…. and you have to watch the video

Nowhere is safe from fidget spinners, not even space. But if I were to even consider using a fidget spinner, it would be in zero gravity.

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If you like your phone you should put a ring on it

Here’s a cool phone accessory that Chani and Sam use that I’m keen to try: a smartphone ring  And best of all it is not as obvious as a selfie stick but could totally be used as one if you had very long arms.

smartphone accessory ring

Zootopia sloth scene IRL

Everything is better with sloths. The sloth scene in Zootopia is amazing and Disney, being the awesome folks that they are, have recreated that scene in real life. Watch.

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ICYMI: this guy uses Facetime in the best way possible and I’m kinda sad I didn’t think of it first

You had me at taxidermy…

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