Bytesized | 8 April 2016 – the sort of sloth edition

What was that Whatsapp encription all about, how VR has changed the dating game, PowerPuff yourself (if you haven’t already) and sloths. Bytesized features the regular tech stuff but has saved the best for last. The sloths are last.

TWEET the times are changing

In my day we met on Tinder, went to a restaurant rated on Zomato and actually spoke to each other.

If you want to experience VR, then check out our Google Cardboard review.

DID YOU KNOW that WhatsApp updated its encryption service this week?

You have probably already received a message informing you of this update but what exactly does this mean for you.

The update: all messages are encrypted from the sender to the receiver…

  • So WhatsApp can’t even read your messages
  • No one (government) can request your info because it is encrypted
  • Online privacy and security is maintained

For more on What’s App and its founders, read Forget apple vs FBI: Whatsapp just switched encryption on for a billion people by Wired. 

WEBSITE turn yourself into a PowerPuff Girl

If you haven’t done this yet, then what are waiting for? Click here to create your very own PowerPuff Girl avatar. 

VIDEO stoners get surprised with a sloth

I’ve probably watched this video like 10 times and it is funny every time. “You’ve got hair like a champ”.

After making my co-workers watch this video, we got introduced to this.

ANOTHER VIDEO the trailer for Zootopia featuring the sloths

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