smartphone accessory ring

I Love My Smart Phone, So I Put A Ring On It

If you own a smart phone, I’m almost certain that you either have a phone cover or a screen protector on it. If your answer is no to both of those things, you’re clearly someone who likes to live on the wild side. The vast majority of us buying into these safety precautions definitely can’t imagine life without them. Our bodies might still turn cold if we drop our phones, but deep down we know everything is going to be fine and our digital babies live to see another day.

About 3 months ago I bought an accessory for my phone that has changed the way I handle, use and enjoy my phone.

The Game Changer

smartphone accessory ring

I never thought something as simple as adding a ring to the back of my phone would have as much of an impact on my life as it has.

I can hold my phone while carrying other objects with both hands and use the “hands-free” Instagram Story option to its full potential. I’ve also found that Facebook and Instagram LIVE are easier, and selfies are a no brainer now – Even if you need to hold your phone upside down to get the entire group in! The most notable difference is I no longer need to live in fear of dropping my phone on my face when texting above my face. (Admit it, we’ve all dropped our phones like that at least once – it’s not fun).

Don’t Like Rings? Why Not Try A Socket?

smartphone accessory ring

The ring isn’t for everyone and does take some getting used to. For those who aren’t willing to wait for it to become comfortable, there is the “pop socket” option. This is basically like putting a flat doorknob on your phone. A lot of creators are including them in their merch too.

Same idea as the ring, except you hold it between your fingers – I can’t imagine this is as effective when carrying other things though.

It Has Changed How I Will Use My Phone Forever

smartphone accessory ring

I can honestly not imagine my life without a ring on my phone moving forward. I’m a petite person, with small hands. The ring is the perfect solution to me wanting the Plus variation of the iPhone to be my next phone. I’m so worried about these rings going out of fashion/trend that I’ve stocked up on a handful of different ones to use in future. (Yes. I’m that lame).


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