Bytesized | 12 August 2016

Turn your toast into a modern day post-it, classic artists get an emoji makeover, you’ll never guess what this artist uses as his medium, the world at night and more in Bytesized.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you’re a carb fiend who likes toast then you’ll love this

Introducing toasteroid, a smart toaster that allows you to customise your toast.

Use it to

  • send passive aggressive reminders to your friends, from reminding them to buy milk to paying rent
  • get the latest weather updates on your toast



Art reimagined in emoji form

A contemporary fine art gallery in Los Angeles hasbytesized-12-aug taken popular art and transformed in into emoji. To view the entire emoji art collection, click here. 


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You’ll never guess how these are made

Take a look at everyone’s favourite Grumpy Cat. How do you think this is made?

a) paint on paper

b) pancake batter in a pan

c) 3D printed

grumpy cat pancake

The folks over at Tiger Tomato make these using pancake batter! If you don’t think it is possible, click here to watch more pancake art videos. 

Are you guilty of posting the most annoying types of status updates? Find out here.

This shows 24 hours of air traffic


Reminds me of this picture of the world at night. 

Earth at Night

And finally prairie dogs in clothing because why not

“I may have attended the book release in my robe”-Bing #⚡️

A photo posted by Bing And Swarley- Prairie dogs (@prairiedogpack) on

The Parks & Recreation theme song recreated with prairie dogs

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