The most annoying Facebook status updates ever

The average Facebook user checks Facebook at least 14 times a day, and spends about 2 minutes on the platform per session. That is a lot of time to view status updates in your newsfeed. And while sometimes there are useful updates like events, interesting articles, etc, there are also a lot of annoying Facebook status updates.

The I love you so much status

I really don’t get these status updates. If they are so amazing, tell them. Surely if the relationship has reached I Love You status, you have their phone number and address? The rest of your Facebook friends do not need to know that you are in a really good place with your significant other at the moment.

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The are you brave enough/if you’re my real friend post

annoying status update if you are my friend

The I’ve just cleaned up my Facebook friend list so if you’re reading this, then you’ve won the friendship lotto

We’ve all seen this message, and if you haven’t, well then you’re the friend that no one wants to be friends with.

The check in status 

You’re flying to Italy or going away to the beach for a long weekend, all great. Checking in at the local garage to announce that you’re drinking a coke, not so much. Just drink the coke and enjoy it. No one else needs to know, especially not your Facebook friends.

The fishing for compliments status

No that one raw cacao date ball you had as a cheat meal didn’t do anything to your toned physique. Also the humblebrag is never cool. And if you’re unsure about this kind of status update, they usually start with “That awkward moment when…” and end with “Denzel Washington interrupts your conversation with a group to say hi to you”.

The cryptic status update

These are the worst. I’m so happy or Good things are about to happen, watch this space make people wonder. And obviously if you are REALLY friends with the person you will know what is happening, but if you’re not, then you’re left to guess.

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Check this out: a site that lets you copy & paste statuses

And in other related news…

4 most common reasons for unfriending someone on Facebook

Although published in 2014, these are still the main reasons for unfriending someone and interestingly enough, high school friends and work collegaues do the most unfriending.

  • frequent/unimportant posts,
  • polarizing posts (politics and religion),
  • inappropriate posts (sexist, racist remarks),
  • and everyday life posts (child, spouse, eating habits, etc.).

Source: The Atlantic

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