10 facts about public wi-fi that you need to know

Bytesized | 5 August 2016


South African twitter has no chill and an awesome sense of humour with #IfDAwins and #ThingsMmusiDid, a bakery takes inspiration from Dr Pimple Popper (wtf), we will soon be plagued with CrocMartens, find out how people instagrammed back in the day and more in Bytesized.

Better know a hashtag: #IfDAwins

This was trending and in true twitter style, SA came to the party.

#ThingsMmusiDid also trended, showing that twitter has zero chill and an excellent sense of humour. 

Inspired by Dr Pimple Popper, this bakery made some cupcakes and it is disgusting

I love sweet things especially in cake form, but no. This is taking it too far.


If you’re not sure who Dr Pimple Popper is, click here for an introduction. 

Possibly the worst idea ever

For those looking for the street cred of Doc Martens but the comfort of Crocs. Although only an idea, these will probably soon become a reality.


Check out how they used to instagram back in the day

Let’s relax. It’s time to check those expectations at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

All I want to do is finish the book, there is an amazing twist, but work and adulting is kind of getting in the way.

For those queuing for tickets #harrypotter #cursedchild #harrypottertickets

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