5 Facts about emoji

Emoji are those icons we use, normally on social media or instant messenger services, to convey stuff that would take way too long to type. Here are 5 awesome facts that you may not have known about emoji.

1. Some awesome people created a documentary about emojis, called Emoji Among Us. Think David Attenborough meets tech. (It’s only 2 mins long)

2. A wikipedia of emojis exists. It is called emojipedia and it contains all of the emojis and shows you the variations for iOS and Android.



3. Chevrolet put out a press release composed entirely of emojis. Can you get the gist of the article below?

emoji press release


4. After analyzing over a billion messages, SwiftKey found that the most popular emojis are:

top 20 emojis

South Africa wasn’t included in the report, so it would be interesting to see how we ranked. Australia are apparently alcohol loving, junk food eating, drug taking party animals.

5. Linkmoji is a web page that turns any link into a link with emojis. You can get the emoji version or the text version.



Oh, you are still here. Why not watch this history lesson from Mashable that explains how the emoji came about:


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