Bytesized | 29 July 2016

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever googled? New data shows what the most bizarre search terms are, and yes “how to hide a dead body” made the list, The Rock launches his YouTube channel, find out what snakes can’t do & more in Bytesized.

The most bizarre search queries on Google (oh yes)

We use the Google machine all the time. From self diagnosing our illnesses (which always brings up the worst possible result) to keeping up with the news to finding out anything. And we’ve all Googled some weird stuff. The folks at DigitalLoft have released a wonderful list of the top 20 most bizarre Google searches. So let’s get started…

20. Why does my boss hate me?

19. Can I marry my cousin?

18. What happens if you drink blood?

17. Can a man get pregnant?

16. Do worms have eyes?

15. Do men have periods?

14. Why won’t my car start?

13. Am I a psycho?

12. Is the world flat?

11. Does my bum look 40?

10. Do pigs sweat?

9. Is the toothfairy real?

8. Why are we hear?

7. Do penguins have knees?

6. Why do men have nipples?

5. When will I die?

4. Does farting burn calories?

3. Are aliens real?

2. How do I get home?

And the number 1 most bizarre Google query is…

  1. Am I pregnant?

There were also some other gems, my favourite being “How do I hide a dead body?”

bizarre search queries

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The Rock now has a YouTube channel

This dude is on fire – movies, series, apps and now a YouTube channel. Subscribe to The Rock’s YouTube channel here. 

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These okes review really bad scissors and it is as funny AF

The dudes behind Hammerhead TV, Brendan Jack and Bevan Cullinan, review some really bad scissors.

I’m still cracking up about the carb comments.

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Fun Fact: snakes can’t move on fleece apparently


Final thoughts (make sure you all vote next week)

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