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Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly has a new game! 


It has taken a full year. It has taken blood, sweat and tears. It has taken endless hours of patience, dedication and time mastering my craft. But finally, I am here. I am the Friends in a Fish Tank champion!

Pink Screwdriver the gaming great finally has claimed the victory she deserves!

That was all said very tongue in cheek. I’m friends with Pippa Tshabalala, you might remember her from her days hosting the Verge. She was my first editor to let me try my hand at gaming content and somewhat of an inspiration to me. I was looking for an excuse for us to game together and I found it with the new Friends in a Fish Tank game from Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly.

Before I explain the game play – take a look at their new TV Commercial. It’s so cute: 

Back to Friends in a Fish Tank. It’s such a simple yet fun game. You are a puffer fish and get to swim through the ocean consuming delicious Cadbury Bubbles. However, you need to avoid the air bubbles, the landmines, the crabs and the jelly fish. Also, too the air bubbles cause you to puff up and slow down… oh no!

The game controls are relatively simple. All you need is your keyboard spacebar or mouse. To play you head over to www.friendsinafishtank.co.za and you can get going straight away. No need to share email addies and personal details. I loved how easy it was to start playing. If you want to create fun competitions with your friends, like I did with Pippa, then you can just open the site and click host to set up a friendly game. Alternatively click join and join your friends.

 Simple. Straight forward. So fun!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

One of the other features I thought was really cool was that if you linked your Facebook profile you could actually add your face to the fish! So cute! I’m usually really dubious about linking my Facebook to these types of things because you get spammed or they share things on your wall. Not the case with Friends in a Fish Tank.

I can wax lyrical about all the fun you’re going to have playing this one but I thought it would be better to actually show you. So here’s what happened when Pippa and I took each other on playing Friends in a Fish Tank. For added fun add some Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly to the mix like we did. YUM!

 Let’s Play!

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