WTF pimple popping videos

The internet has given us many things. Some great, some bad and some WTF. Pimple popping videos are an example of the WTF category.

How it all started…

I was standing in line getting free fair trade coffee, as one does, when a co worker told me about pimple popping videos. The conversation went something like this…

Have you seen Dr Pimple Popper on instagram?

What now???

She is a dermatologist and it is videos of her popping pimples. But its not just pimples. There’s cysts and my favourite lympoma.

*stares in disbelief*

No seriously. Sometimes I watch it before I go to bed. It calms me.

You sound like a freak.

Like any one would do, I checked it out. And I just couldn’t look away.

WARNING: this is disguisting. If you’re curious and want to check it out, go for it but you have been warned.

What is a pimple popping video?

Like the name says, pimple popping videos, or pimple porn, is when someone films a pimple extraction. But it doesn’t stop there. Blackheads, cysts and lipomas are also popular.

urban dictionary pimple porn

Meet Dr Pimple Popper, the famous face of pimple popping.

Don’t think that just anyone can do this. Dr Sandra Lee is a certified dermatologist and claims the website is “your go-to destination for informative and educational content on skin care and dermatology”.

dr pimple popper

Get your pimple popping fix on YouTube or instagram.

Dr Sandra Lee is best known for her YouTube channel. She has 1,252,192 subscribers and 538,556,061 views. This means that there are over 1.2 million people who don’t mind being outed as pimple popping porn addicts, and who knows how many more secretly watch these videos. 

If you like to watch pimple popping videos in small doses, then instagram is for you. With over 1.4 million followers, you know it has to be good.


Why are pimple popping videos so popular?

Its probably because it is so disguisting but our curiousity gets the best of us. Dr Pimple Popper adds funny one liners and soundtracks to her videos which I guess lightens things up.

WARNING: I tried to watch this the whole way through but couldn’t. This is the gift that keeps on giving.  Music: Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey, Baby if you give it to me.


???I know what you want, you know I got it.. ?????#drpimplepopper #goodnight


A video posted by Sandra Lee, MD Dermatology (@drpimplepopper) on

  Here is blackhead extraction video with over 25k likes.  

Pop that thanggg… ?????????#DrPimplePopper #goodnight

A video posted by Sandra Lee, MD Dermatology (@drpimplepopper) on

Author’s note: first congratulations on making it to the end of this post. It means that you’re a little weird which is awesome. Secondly, writing this piece was difficult because I had to watch pimple popping videos in the name of research. Please don’t think I’m a weirdo. This post is about letting the people know what is out there. Kind of like my civic duty.

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