Bytesized | 13 May 2016

Instagram  updates its logo and the internet goes nuts. We reveal how Instagram REALLY came up with its new logo, show you how to get recipes in 140 characters or less, and try out BJ Novak’s addictive list app. All this and more on Bytesized.

TWEET: the easiest recipes you will ever find

Food52  (an awesome foodie feed) shares some great recipes on Twitter with #140characterrecipes. I like how you have to come up with the recipe but still fit in the hashtag. My tweet shows what I had for dinner last night.

IMAGE: how instagram REALLY came up with their new logo

Whenever there is change on the interwebs, someone has something to say. This gif explains how instagram came up with its new logo.

WEBSITE: colouring corruptions

This site takes innocent colouring pages and turns them into something sinister. Zombie Aerial would be terrifying! If subversive colouring in is your thing, check out this swearword colouring in book or this penis colouring in book. 

SEE ALSO: a colouring in app, Colorfy, to calm and soothe 

Ariel - Anonymous

APP: the list app, not for groceries

BJ Novak (Punkd, The Office) teamed up with his dev buddy to launch li.st on Android. It has been available on iOs for a while and celebs are starting to use it. Stephen Colbert joined today. So basically you create lists and while this may seem dumb, it is actually very addictive.

Check out my “Best apps for knowledge” list.  You can download the app for iOS or Android.  If you join, share your lists with me as I’d love to see what you come up with.

ACKNOWLEDGE: so this one time The Rock retweeted Tech Girl


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