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3D printed dresses that actually move are coming to South Africa

I’m not a huge fashion follower but the trend of 3D printed garments and the inclusion of technology in fashion has always been something I look out for. I’m a strong believer that the fashion industry tends to be be the early adopter for new tech and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries a bit.

However, the best fashion tech just never seems to come to SA… until now.

3D printed dress fabric movement

This coming week is the Annual Mercedez-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival (try say that 5 times fast right?). It’s actually Fashion Week in Cape Town next week (I think) so I’m presuming this forms part of that (see, just not trendy!).

Part of the Festival includes the unveiling of 3D printed dresses from Modeclix. However, these are unlike the 3D clothing we’ve seen in the past. Mostly, 3D printed items were really funky but completely impractical. Printed with plastic they tended to have little to no movement to them and just looked uncomfortable.

The Modeclix dresses actually move!

Modeclix dress

They were created by a Dr Shaun Borstrock from the University of Herfordshire (in the UK, which is where I am right now, convenient!) who worked with Professor Mark Bloomfield from Electroboom.

The design isn’t going to blow you away but this is a drastic leap forward for the technology.

3D printed dress

The Modeclix 3D dresses mimics the same way fabric moves which I really like. I cannot wait to see these dresses come down the runway. The Modeclix collection with be revealed at the Mercedez-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival this week – on 21 April. While the collection will be revealed in Cape Town it will be available to purchase in London from May.

If price wasn’t an issue would you buy one of these dresses? Or are you waiting for something better to come along? 


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