Converse x Pokémon

The Converse x Pokémon collection has dropped

But the South African store is only selling kids sizes

There’s a new Pokémon game out, Pokémon Arceus and, coincidentally (lol), Converse has dropped their Converse x Pokémon collection.

Converse sneakers are pretty much a staple and the brand has released a 25th celebration collection which includes an incredible range of sneakers that include everything we love about Pokémon. The range has a host of sneakers with all sorts of special nods to Pokémon. Think of things like a reflective Pikachu lightning print, a trainer’s name reference on the tongue liner of one pair of kicks, Pokédex number heel graphics and a bunch more cute little features you’ll love.

The collection has a host of sneakers, some rad hoodies and tops as well as this adorable Pikachu back pack. 

Unfortunately, not everything is available in South Africa

Converse x Pokémon

For some reason Converse South Africa has made the call to only bring in sneakers for kids. If, like me, you have small-ish feet, you might have thought you could cheat the system and buy one of the bigger kids sizes. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to do that this time around. Almost all the sneakers available in South Africa are really small kids sizes. The only pair that might have been a potential fit for a size 4 or 5 ladies are now out of stock (I’m presuming a few smart adults had a similar idea to me).

When it comes to the clothing range, Converse South Africa has only bought in one item. The Converse x Pokémon Team Long Sleeve T-Shirt:

Converse x Pokémon

The shirt is only available in a size small, which for many ladies will be perfect, so it isn’t all doom and gloom.

It’s a bit disappointing to see such a limited offering with this range locally. In the past, many of the Converse limited edition ranges have been available in adults and kids sizes. Saying that, I’m pretty sure Converse South Africa has data to back up their decisions around what to stock. There is an option to import or get a good friend overseas to do a shop for you.

Yup, I dangled the carrot and told you you couldn’t eat it. Sorry! 



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